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A dude. Former Brit, now Australian. Keen on Black Humour, adventuring when he can afford it, and exploring the physical mysteries of the universe, preferably in presence of alcohol. Quiet and a bit cynical.

Firmly believes in Show Don't Tell, and in being able to laugh at himself, so:

Was a radio DJ in a mining town at the age of fourteen, had an audience of possibly more than three people and a coverage area of nearly two towns.


Once wore women's underwear (lacy corset included) on stage, while making a lot of masturbation jokes, during a small town theatrical production. At the age of sixteen. This may have left some scarring.

Once got so wildly drunk at a party he thought he was a CIA agent, smashed a fence and had to be crash-tackled by three guys. Doesn't do that so much now.

May have sprinted through a local shopping center in golden boxers and bodypaint on a dare, but the photos proved inconclusive.


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