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[BANNED AS OF 1/30/11]

Hi! I'm OOZE, a thirteen year old boy from Nevada. For the moment this page is really short. I have a story arc in the Forum Lust Game, lasting from page 522 to page 536. Info on me for now:

The Best Work Ever:

  • Little Shop of Horrors (the stage version, not the film. and then it would be better if several of the deleted songs like We'll Have Tomorrow, The Meek Shall Inherit (Reprise) and A Little Dental Music were readded.)

The Archangels Of The Best Work Ever:

Other Stuff I Like:

Stuff I Hate:

My Favorite Tropes:

Tropes That Apply To Me (add as you see fit):

  • You like awesome musicals, Eversion, Weird Al, and Epic Mickey. OH HOLY CRAP YES - Pirka
  • Your support of various awesome musicals makes me happy! - Spasticgecko
  • I, too, would also like to compliment your impeccable taste. ^_^ - Compassionate Sadist
  • And I thought I was the only one who thought Dr Horrible was a Deal with the Devil story! :D Also, yes, you have awesome taste. - Noaqiyeum
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  • You have a great taste for musicals...gotta love that. - Juancarlos11
  • I agree with the above Tropers. Excellent taste indeed! FringeBenefits
  • An OOZE draws near! Command? —The Hero
  • "OOZE" is kind of non-discriptive. What kind of ooze? —megamagikarp
  • You like Dr. Horrible and Lady Gaga. This pleases me. — But not in a pedophilic kind of way, I swear
  • You planning to be a dentist? Anyways, you like awesome musicals so that's awesome! —Wartys Neryon
    • PS - Any other musicals you really like? Just wondering...
      • I've also seen and enjoyed You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I have seen Annie, but I intensely despise it as it's very clearly a case of Money, Dear Boy. I haven't seen a lot of the big famous musicals, but I'd like to in the future. Though I haven't seen Les Miserables, I really love One Day More.
  • I am happy. —Wanderer of the Wastes
  • Why must we go down the road to destiny while wearing a tub of pudding?—Geth Knight
  • Is OOZE an acronym perchance? - Hotel Kilo
  • hello. would. you. like. a. muffin?
  • You're a pretty cool dude, so it's time to vandalize! * Graffitis up this hizzouse* - Balmung
  • The faeries made me do it. They would also like to sing, but I won't let them. - StolenByFaeries
  • What's the capital of Luxembourg? —Sean Murray I



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