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So. Umm. Me. Yeah.


I'm just a small town teenage girl living in a lonely world on the east coast, somewhereabouts. I like sports, people, theater, music, books, and a few other things. I'm not a particularly organized person mentally and as such I find this big old blank page daunting. Here goes.

Stuff I Like


Tropes That Might Apply To Me, Your Mileage May Vary, This Time At Least Alphebatized

A Spastic Gecko huh? Well now I've seen everything. The little bugger was zipping around the room like a rubberband wrapped around a crack baby's head. Took me damn near all day to catch. Tasted great though. -Polymphus

Your avatars are awesome, and they make me feel awesome! -Landstander

Your Celery Island of Terror scares me. D: -Alexander_U.E.

Your support of Little Shop of Horrors makes me happy. -OOZE

I agree with almost everyone of your interests. - Gambit508

HI. You like many of the things I like. Let's be friends. Ori Doodle


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