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Pirka is better than anybody.
Zudak, in response to a dream containing gratuitous amounts of Body Horrornote

Hello, I'm Pirka!

I'm 24 years old and currently have no idea what I'm going to be. But I would love to work in some kind of career that makes people feel happy and enriches them in stories and their worlds. My big dream job is to work at Disney, to any extent. The place I feel most at home is Disney World, even though I'm in Toronto.


I just want to make something worthwhile to people someday.

I can't stop drawing (ever since I was tiny) even though I'm by no means the best. Believe me, I've tried. This also applies to eating - I love all kinds of food, even those I probably shouldn't. U//u//U;

I also absolutely love animation of all kinds, stuffed animals (and toys in general), monsters, science (especially biology and robotics), the Magical Girl and Mons genres, reading and writing (especially sci-fi and spec-fi).

I am probably the least perverted person I have ever met.

My Tumblr is here, my Youtube is here, my webcomic Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro is here and my Tumblr is here. Sankyuu.

There was also this one time I was in an epic boss battle. note 


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Tropes I Like/Like To Use (though I'm sure I'll be constantly adding to this list):

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Pages I Created:

People I Know Offline:

I am the co-creator of Moviemon as well as the creator of way too many made up 'tv shows', 'video games' etc. I am a dork.


Tamatamatamamtamatama... I can haz resonance? ~ melloncollie

I left you some sushi.

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