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Hey there, don't mind me. I'm just a 20 year old guy who likes video games, anime, certain movies, and so much other stuff. If you wanna say something and what tropes apply to me, go ahead.

Or just violate the page, if you want. Seriously though, give me some tropes that describe me. I don't mind.

    Tropes That Apply to Me 


    Tropes I Hate 

Shows I like.



    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

Thats all so far.


-It's not funny, man! Give us back our porn! Wanderlust Warrior

  • - NEVER! Demongodofchaos

In response to your vandalization of my page - DAWWWWW, thanks. I AM NOT WORTHY. ^^; -Pirka

ITS TIME TO TAKE MEASURES AGAINST PERVERTS!!! I SHALL SUMMON ANTI PERVERT SQUAD =D...*phones anti pervert squad* What do you mean you are too busy with "other business?" - Spooky Mask


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