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Im afaraid i have nothing to contribute.Carry on.

     Tropes (Vandalism , ho!) 
Hi Fringeman! —The World

Hi, Mate —a friend

BAM. Vandalized!—Wanderer of the Wastes

Mr W was here.

  • Hello there, friend! Now I can also cross you off of my list of Tropers To Vandalize. - An ally

im in ur page, fixin ur grammar- Artemis92

  • I'm, Your, Fixing... Hmmm. ;-) Anyway, Hi, Fringe! ~Fuzy2K

The Faeries made me do it ;) - StolenByFaeries

Hi hi! :D Compassionate Sadist

Wow, can't believe I haven't vandalized your page before. Here's a complementary picture of a cat.Sean Murray I

I shall now proceed to set your page on fire. Hehehee... -Nekoalexa

Llort llort llort —Snicklin

Did some page-fixing for you. ;) - Keybreak

  • Just curious... what's a "LEVA'T METHOD"?

That looks kinda like Cosmo from Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure for the PC in your avatar. I must say, the shareware episode of that game is the best. - Bonsai Forest


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