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Taps on the microphone. Is this thing on!? Oh, it is. Well then, let me introduce myself. I am Black Hole Of Food. I am a simple teen who likes to get into some misadventures and likes to try new things. Black Hole Of Food makes eating her hobby. She enjoys listening to The Megas and shooting at babies and puppies paper targets. CAUTION: Know to spontaneously burst into song.

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My fellow Tropers, write anything you want down here!

Hey there, bestie. ~ Radd

-hugs- I love ya! Happy holidays and may your wishes come true~ Compassionate Sadist

How did I miss this page? Ah well, one more tick in my vandalism box. - Phoenixor

YOU! -points- are amazing in many ways and I enjoy having you on the forums. Goodbye. —Stephen Tuck

HI BLACK!!!! - anamonkey48

So this one time in High School, this kid asked me, "What's the capital of China?" And before I could answer "Beijing," he shouted "Bangkok!" and tried to kick my groin but missed. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if this should be cataloged as a FAIL or EPIC FAIL, and I want your opinion on the matter because I can't make up my mind. — Sean Murray I


greetings friend- fringeman

Since you took the time to VANDALISE! my page, I feel I must return the favour. So... Erm... Hi! - A Crack In Time

You want to know what's sweet? Me getting copies of Glenn Beck's family Christmas cards (2009 and 2010) from one of his distant relatives. All I had to do was ask for them and here they are. Only now, I don't know what to do with them! (And personally, I prefer the one with the attack hounds.) —Sean Murray I

I will now unleash my own black hole... OF VANDALISM!!!!!a vandal

I... never vandalized this page? :( Hi! ~Fuzy2K

The faeries bring gifts of food which most certainly won't trap you in their world forever. - StolenByFaeries

VALENTIMES!! —Black Hole Of Fddo


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