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OK, so now I'm going to do a proper introduction.

Online, I go by the Alias Dynamod. In real life, my name is David Amos. I travel around a lot from state to state, so for those not in the know, it's just easier to say that I am a resident of the United States. I'm 20 years old and trying to get into college. As far as hobbies, I REALLY LOVE Gurren Lagann. Other than that, I like anime, and anime inspired things. Most of my friends I end up leaving behind while traveling, so having buddies online is pretty important to me. If you wanna talk, send me a PM!


as far as my personality, I like to pretend that I'm a pretty bad dude, but actually I'm rather laid back. I'm not really a funny guy either. As a matter of fact it's a joke of mine that "I am always serious, even when I'm not!" Instead, I like to play off of other's humor to enhance it. I have a natural talent for good writing (provided that I get my editing done!) and add on the fact that my memory isn't so good, I usually keep a notebook handy for writing down notes and other important ideas.

I don't work out a lot perse, but I do enjoy biking a lot though, and that helps me keep in shape.

Currently into Terraria, Spiral Knights, and bugging people on skype.

Not to be confused with Kintaro Oe.


Tropes That Relate To Me

    My Tropes 
    Trope Vandals 

Media That I Enjoy

    Anime & Manga 
    Live Action TV 
    Tabletop Games 
    Video Games 
    Web Comics 
    Web Origonal 
    Western Animation 

Vandalism Section


The faeries seek to amuse themselves by vandalizing your page. - a faerie

-shoots all around in a way so it says Juan-

-this vandal glomps the vandalism page that Needs More Love-

If I say people should vandalise your page, I should follow through on it myself...

So liek, this one time, I was Vorpy, and Dynamod was Dynamod, and we met in real life. Thanks for introducing me to the Badass Index page. ^^ - Vorpy

... - Evil Children

It should be noted that Dyna is amazing at Touhou 12.3, yes. ^^ Miruruneko

Shame many of our interests oppose each other... (you have a lot of anime. I refuse to touch the stuff.) Only potential interlaps are 300 and Touhou, really... ~ TARDISES (good luck trying to convince me to remove that opposition, BTW. It's basically impossible.)


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