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The Occupant (Spanish title Hogar) is a 2020 Spanish Thriller written and directed by David Pastor and Àlex Pastor following an out-of-work advertising exec, Javier Muñoz (played by Javier Gutiérrez) who is forced to give up his lavish apartment in the city. Not long after that, he learns that a new family has moved into his old apartment, and he decides to get revenge on them for that.

This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Karma Houdini: Javier gets away with his plan to kill Tomas and take over his life.
  • Nepotism: Tomas got his job because his wife's father owns the company. This leaves him very insecure.
  • Off the Wagon: Tomas is in Alcoholics Anonymous after a car accident caused by his drinking. Part of Javier's plan is to make it seem like Tomas has fallen off the wagon. By the end of the film, he has.
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  • Plot Allergy: Tomas mentions offhand halfway through the film that he's extremely allergic to peanuts. Javier uses this to cause his death.