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Hello folks! I go by a large amount of nicknames. Red or Mishka or Mirabelle is all right with me. I am a 18 year old genderqueer. I was born as a boy, but I don't really want to be one. As such, I do cross-dress. I'm looking to start a band, I write lyrics and poetry. I promise, this is no angsty stuff. On my honor! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give you guys a link or such. I love literature and films, and some manga and anime. I do ballet, and has won several competitions in the area. I also work a summer job right now, as a yoga instructor. Not so much video games. Drop me a line if you folks want to know more and be friends and such! I love all of you very much, yes people! Sometimes speaks Gratuitous Hawaiian This is me as of late. Mood is chummy. I look silly


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