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Where I got the name.

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  • ♣ = ♣
  • ♦ = ♦
  • ♥ = ♥
  • ♠ = ♠
  • π = π
  • θ = θ

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  • This page is needs either more tales or more tropers. ;P Fortunately for you I can provide the latter. - Keybreak
    • Thank you for that.

  • I'm in ur page, postin' randum stuffz! -Random

  • Troper Tale: One time, Loid gnawed on my arm. Repeatedly, in fact. - ImipolexG

  • Once upon a time, I posted on this page. True story. o3o - Hobgoblin

  • Loid's just gnawrly. Haven

  • If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that Loid is from Utah and has durable teeth. - SunshineWerewolf

  • Loid is a pretty cool guy, eh gnaws on the forums and doesn't scared of anything. - thespacephantom
  • Gnaw! Smash the ambition of evil with those teeth! Blow away those clouds of darkness!! -KaitouSai

  • squiddleTron thinks Loid should keep gnawing on things!

  • I found this image relevant. - Tre

  • *squiddleTron gnaws* ^________^

“Stay  awake  with  me  it’s  Getting  light  outside  when  time  is  still  for  You  it  hurries  stay  awake  with  me  so  Can  see  the  sun  rising  :Up  upon  your  shoulder 



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