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I am seventeen.

Feel free to vandalize!

'sup bro, your page is now awesome because I wrote on it. —WitchBeatrice

-Thanks, my not-really-sis! (She's elsewhere on the site)— ILD

This page has just been made 10 degrees cooler. -The Fan

Hello! —Kinkajou

Sailor Moon eh? —a vandal

Awesome! So a mature straight boy about my age DOES exist! —Soap Magic

Aren't you a little young to be writing a lemon? ~The Mighty Anonym

To Anonym: Maybe, but I don't particularly care. And in fact I have written one, just not the Minako/Rei one. 'Tis Ty Zula. -I Love Dogs

*runs in and lets loose with spray paint* —another vandal

I also don't like Twilightclick  - Nekoalexa

Vandalism vandalism vandalism vandalism vandalism! ~Game Spazze

I'm here to vandalize your page, as requested. Also here to say you seem like a pretty cool guy. Also, give the characters in Twilight a break, Alice is pretty cool too, but no one else is. - Original Hobbit

Batty, say hi to ILD! -Sabre's Edge

...Furthermore, you, sir, are cool! ~Jinjoman

Well, hello fellow Twilight hater. -disappears when you look away- KABOOM! -Ze Stealth Meister

Meow~! -red223

63!me says hi in a slightly bitter and annoyed tone. Ignore her, she's not slept well lately. - Phoenixor

PUPPIES! ... where are they? - Stolen By Faeries

Yay for goggies! :3 -A Fellow Dog Lover

Will we ever agree on pokemen designs? The world may never know...-Goldmonkey

Yo Dogs, I heard you liek pokemanz. Welcome to WAAPT, enjoy your stay ^_^ -Newfie MEKZ

Vandalizing here to say that you are not alone on the fear of bees. I'm deathly afraid of what will happen if I got stung once. NES

It's funny how you did not list "dogs" on your "i'm a fan of" list - Fork

Hi Dogs! - Magcargo Man