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Accessing page data...
Activating page display...
Routing display to monitor...
Display fully routed!
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Page created because all the cool tropers have blue links for their names. I didn't want to miss out.
Addendum: I feel I should state that I will be likely to pothole things to my real thought a lot. I'll use the real tropes for stuff when I can find it, but be expecting red links in stuff I say on the forums.
This system has survived: Y2K || The (first) Rapture
We hope this proves the integrity of the sysadsferae###$%*@^%!$%#!@^#####ys-ys-ys-ys-ys—


    Troper Legion: Jurassic Park 
Entry 1
The cyberspace breaks down around you. Eventually, the void slowly grows a jungle around you. You are informed by a screen that a T Rex has just destroyed your jeep. In front of you is a Triceratops, giving you a glare. The only way is forward, but there is no way around it. You arm a gas grenade and toss it at the beast.

Entry 2
You've fought through the jungle, sinking a Brontosaur to the depths in the small cave. Here, you find a side entrance to the Power Station. You look forward, and see a great many ladders, electricity, and velociraptors. You switch your tranq gun to the heavy duty darts, and venture forth.

Entry 3
The rapids roar as you stand atop the mountain. As you look down, you can see a building at the lake. The rapids snake back and forth all the way down. You pour gasoline into the nearby raft and set out.

Entry 3
You climb through the doorway and find yourself inside the pump station. Everything is in total chaos, and that's just the smell. You trudge ahead through the pipes, hoping to find a way out.

Synchronization not complete. Simulation shutdown. Rebooting to main system.

We hope this proves the integrity of the system to potential customers.
Those who hack into this product preview terminal for whatever reason, hereafter referred to as 'vandals', shall find their access limited to one folder, where they have read/write access and can say whatever they please. This will also log the IP they are hacking from and the authorities will be sent down swiftly. Have a nice day.

    Vandals Folder 
Accessing Vandalization Libraries........ done.
Accessing Random Vandalization Determinator........done.
Choosing Vandalism........done.
Shutting down........done.

Loading logout procedures...
System Explosion in 5...

The gremlins have located your page. They have dismantled enough computers to know how they work, after all. - a faerie agent

Thankfully, the gremlins were quickly apprehended by store security, and this preview terminal was set back up before the next business day. Ah, the wonders of working in a mega-mall.

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