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Last edited 11/2/2015

Hi! I used to have several paragraphs about myself here, and a list of some favorite media. They hadn't been updated in literally years.

Spend most of my time in the video game area of the forums or reading trope pages. Although I could also edit them, I mostly don't. The standard Wiki Walk is bad enough; I fear one in which I feel compelled to fix errors or add examples on every page, ending in death from sleep deprivation.


In addition to the above, for the last few months I've generally been either lurking or not on the site at all, so who knows why I wanted to clean up here.

Topics I might be likely to read or post about due to current interest:


Note: I have a lot of old favorites I'm more or less done with. These are the ones I currently feel I have a goal of some sort to strive for in, whether it's playing for the first time, going for 100% Completion, or anything in between.





  • Welcome to Tv Tropes - Spirit

  • Freelancer was great. It had a lot of flaws and could have been a lot better, but still awesome and deserving of that sequel that was canceled. Good to know I'm not alone in my like of it. - Legionnaire

  • Greetings! - Stolen By Faeries

  • Great to see another Final Fantasy VI liker. Greetings. - Amused Troper Guy

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