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It's been roughly a decade since I last updated this page, and it's far beyond time that I remove some of the most personal information that could lead to identity theft, and updated the rest. Maybe outing myself as a procrastinator isn't the best introduction to anyone reading this for the first time, but hopefully I get points for honesty.

My appearance is as follows: male; nearly 3 decades old; dark brown hair and eyes; facial hair that I keep trimmed without removing entirely; decently average in terms of height and weight but I've gotten a fair bit out-of-shape during the recent worldwide pandemic. When it comes to clothing, I prefer comfort over fashion, with a preference for black, orange, and navy blue regardless of the season.

Next, my history. I grew up in Ontario, Canada, where I've lived my entire life. I was put on the Autism Spectrum at a young age. My heritage is half-Italian, and half-Latvian. I've lost a lot of relatives to various health issues over the years, but the tragedy has yet to take me down...though it has led to me avoiding religion, since I've heard the line "they're in a better place now" enough to be sick of it. I'm a University graduate with a focus on literary studies, but aside from volunteer work, I haven't had a decent job since graduating. I've always wanted to be an author, but the creativity required to write my "magnum opus" comes and goes.

Finally, my personality. I pride myself on good manners and chivalry, even when it has led to being taken advantage of in the past. I'm studious, having done well in my school days, and continuing to find enjoyment in researching topics that pique my interest. I'm paradoxically both finnicky over fine details, while also not noticing my own mistakes until I'm re-reading a document after saving an edit. I try my best to be honest, but there are times where I can't help but be sarcastic instead. Finally, always I try my best to support other people; despite how overwhelmingly horrible life can be (and I'm incredibly lucky in the grand scheme of things), we're all struggling together.

To anyone visiting this page: feel free to write stuff down here!

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May I give you a hug? - Mst3kluv

  • Sure, anytime! (accepts hug, and hugs back)

YO! What is up my Canadian grammar nazi friend? Gambit508

  • Oh, nothing out of the ordinary, my American friend with a decent-sized sweet tooth. Not that normality is a bad thing, of course.
    • On the other hand, it is not a good thing. Normality is True Neutral

The faeries wish to thank you for the vandalization and the avatars: they just wouldn't feel right if this wasn't an equivalent exchange. ;) - a faerie

  • Remarkable sense of morals, those fairies. I think I'm growing quite fond of them myself.

HELLO DELAYED REACTION ACTION! note  Hope your day is super-wonderful, too! :D Sparky Lurkdragon

  • Oh, my days are a bit of a mix. I sincerely hope that your days are going well, though!

  • You sound like an awesome guy! Nice to meet you! :D -Mokona Zero

Howdy! Glad you're enjoying our Fire Emblem draft, you seem like a cool guy. Actually, looking through your profile, you seem eerily similar to me IRL—pretty much everything in the main description and tropes, minus the second paragraph, being an atheist, and manga, applies to me. Hope we both find the girl we're looking for... montagohalcyon

  • Oh, if only forming a close bond with someone was as easy as it is in Fire Emblem. Then again, there's been times where I killed everything on a Seize map and just pressed 'End Turn' 50 or 60 times until people started talking, and the old-fashioned way of starting relationships certainly seems less boring sometimes...On a completely different note, thanks for finding and correcting those errors I made; if you'd just told me about them, I would've gone nuts and scanned this page for mistakes until my eyes dried out!

Persecution is worse than carnage. - the Hand of God 137