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Describe EndarkCuli here.

Well, since you insist...

Where to start? Physical attributes and style would probably be best. I'm definitely male. I'm 21 years old, have dark brown hair & eyes, a semi-trimmed beard/moustache/sideburn trifecta, and I can't remember the last time I measured my height. I've gained a bit more weight since the last time I updated this page, but I'm still quite scrawny, to the point that one could trace my rib bones if I take a deep breath in. My clothing tends to be of the relaxed, comfortable sort; fashion is for people that care about being popular. I do tend to go for darker colours, with my latest jacket being deep navy blue with two dark orange stripes down the front.


Next up, my background. For the majority of my life, I've lived in the suburban town of Minden, Ontario, Canada. While I have taken University classes, my time is currently spent in pursuit of employment. My DNA is part-Italian; half, to be specific, as my father, his parents, and a bunch of aunts and uncles had come directly from Italy to Canada. Recently, I've discovered that my mother's original parents (she was adopted) were of a Latvian origin. Like the majority of families in the world, mine's dysfunctional; my dad died of cancer when I was in 7th grade, and mom's still working hard to support herself and I. Speaking of deaths,the first death I witnessed was my uncle's (Year 2000, and I was 8)...this is getting rather morbid, isn't it? Better move on...

My personality? Well, first and foremost, I pride myself on good manners and chivalry. I also like to think of myself as very intelligent and cunning; a concept supported by all-A report cards in elementary and high school (if you ignore Phys. Ed. and Chemistry). I'm usually sarcastic, pessimistic, lazy, paranoid, and overly sensitive. But, if given the chance by someone that cares, I'd try my hardest to be optimistic and forgiving if for no other reason than to see them smile. On a semi-related note, to be honest, sometimes I feel somewhat desperate for any sort of companionship. I have two friends that I've known for years and plan to remain quite loyal to, but we all have to head our separate ways sometimes. Still, I have high hopes for the days to come.


I'm also an atheist, and plan to remain one, even though nearly all of my loving relatives are Christian. My three main hobbies are playing video games, reading manga, and writing stuff. And by 'stuff', I mean ideas for the novel I plan to write some day, concepts for a video game, fan fiction...whatever comes to mind, really. My dream in life is to write the plot of an awesome video game, or at least a really good book. Fun fact: my username is the name of one of the eight main protagonists in said game/book, minus a space.

...Oh, and I have Asperger's Syndrome. I tend to mention that fact last, seeing as the majority of peers that know I have a mental disability like to focus on the 'disability' part.

     Some tropes that I think would apply to me 

  • Badass Bookworm: I'm far from the athletic sort, but there have been moments in my life where both my physical and mental abilities have earned the respect of my peers.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Never study today what you can improvise tomorrow. This philosophy got me a mark over 80% in most of my high school classes.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: The occasional moment. A minor one is, during a debate between friends on whether mutants could beat super-soldiers, I pointed out that the term 'mutant' wasn't really defined, and could possibly be as little a difference as the changes in genetic structure between regular parents and regular offspring. I did so while acting like Miles Edgeworth; "OBJECTION!", hand gestures, and all.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In my previous jacket, I was able to carry a total of seven pencils, my house keys, five dollars in assorted change, a safety pin, an eraser, a sticky note pad, some unused Kleenex, a napkin, some breath mints, a magnet, a battery, a paper clip, a screw, a pebble, a pair of scissors, a small comb, a fingernail clipper, a piece of copper wire, a calculator, a bookmark, a combination lock, a ruler, a hand-powered flashlight, and my sunglasses. The zippers broke on it (no surprise, with all that stuff), but my new, cooler jacket still carries most of that stuff.
  • Genre Savvy: Just like everyone else on this site.
  • Grammar Nazi: Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma is my greatest Berserk Button.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Unless I set the alarm to a radio station loudly playing rock & roll, my usual sleep time is about 10-12 hours.
  • The Klutz: If I had a dollar for every time I got injured from mundane events, such as walking too close to an open door and getting a doorknob to the gut, I could buy...well, something that isn't cheap, at least.
  • Messy Hair: I don't honestly cared about personal appearance, save for anything that could qualify as a medical problem.
  • Obsessed Are The List Makers: Lists I've recently been working on include supports earned in Fire Emblem, titles obtained in Tales of Graces, and a list of all the Playstation Network DLC obtained over three accounts (myself and my two close friends). Some days, I start up a video game just to see if a list I've made about it is up-to-date and properly organized.
  • Otaku: Specifically, the "Anime and Manga" and "Gaming" flavours.
  • The Quiet One: Compared to everyone else I've been acquaintances with so far in life.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Although she developed into a person nearly everyone at my high school knows as an 'overachieving [CENSORED]', I still feel regret that the first female friend I ever had completely rejected me from 7th Grade onwards.
  • Unlucky Everydude: While I've already admitted to being a pessimist, there does seem to be enough notable occurrences of my life taking a weird and interesting turn that I believe I could qualify as this.
  • The Woobie: I must admit that I'm socializing a bit more and have smiled now and then, but there's a good portion of my life that I don't think anyone would be prepared to go through.


    Projects I've Worked On that I've Made Pages For 

Because my ego needs a boost every now and then in order to prevent the dust from jamming everything up. I haven't actually touched any of these pages for years, but I still keep them around in order to spark creativity.

And now, time for my interests! As I have a rather large library of them, I will only list those that I have avatars of in the TV Tropes Forum.

    Anime, Manga, Animated Film, & Cartoons 

     Live-Action TV Shows 

    Webcomics and Web Original 

    Video Games 


  • The Beatles
  • Improv comedy (ex. "Whose Line Is It Anyways?")
  • Liam O Brien (Though some anime and video games that he has played a role in have been listed above, I love his voice so much that I thought he deserves his own entry on my list of favourites)
  • Robbie Allen (I know I've already listed "Femmegasm" as a web comic I like, but I also enjoy his other work, and think that he's a genuinely nice guy)

To anyone visiting this page: feel free to write stuff down here!

May I give you a hug? - Mst3kluv

  • Sure, anytime! (accepts hug, and hugs back)

YO! What is up my Canadian grammar nazi friend? Gambit508

  • Oh, nothing out of the ordinary, my American friend with a decent-sized sweet tooth. Not that normality is a bad thing, of course.
    • On the other hand, it is not a good thing. Normality is True Neutral

The faeries wish to thank you for the vandalization and the avatars: they just wouldn't feel right if this wasn't an equivalent exchange. ;) - a faerie

  • Remarkable sense of morals, those fairies. I think I'm growing quite fond of them myself.

HELLO DELAYED REACTION ACTION! note  Hope your day is super-wonderful, too! :D Sparky Lurkdragon

  • Oh, my days are a bit of a mix. I sincerely hope that your days are going well, though!

  • You sound like an awesome guy! Nice to meet you! :D -Mokona Zero

Howdy! Glad you're enjoying our Fire Emblem draft, you seem like a cool guy. Actually, looking through your profile, you seem eerily similar to me IRL—pretty much everything in the main description and tropes, minus the second paragraph, being an atheist, and manga, applies to me. Hope we both find the girl we're looking for... montagohalcyon

  • Oh, if only forming a close bond with someone was as easy as it is in Fire Emblem. Then again, there's been times where I killed everything on a Seize map and just pressed 'End Turn' 50 or 60 times until people started talking, and the old-fashioned way of starting relationships certainly seems less boring sometimes...On a completely different note, thanks for finding and correcting those errors I made; if you'd just told me about them, I would've gone nuts and scanned this page for mistakes until my eyes dried out!

Persecution is worse than carnage. - the Hand of God 137


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