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Hey y'all this is Jinxed Black Cat! I'm more of a lurker honestly, but you can always find me on Skype or YackFest on the fora! I've got a character in TV Tropes The TV Show(now defunct). I've got a couple of titles under my belt including Cutest Troper and Ultimate Bifauxnen.

Also, cause I seem to confuse people a lot... I live in Colorado NOT California!

Alright uh, some tropes that describe me:


Random graffiti to tell you that I actually have a black cat named Jinx, so your username always makes me smile. - Ozbourne

Sooooo cute! - Lucky Revenant

"Everyone likes Jinxed. Except for those that do. No Exceptions." —Kyler Thatch

Jinxed! You make me smile, your avatar is working! —Outta The BLAM

Jinxed Blackcat is part of the feared Moe quartet, approach with extreme care - Noimporta

What Lucky said is the complete truth! ~ Zyxzy

Jinxed is one of my favorite tropers because she never fails to tease me make me smile. With that said, JINXED! :D *hugs*

*monsterglomps Jinxie* - Not-So-Badass Longcoat


This is random graffiti from Iverum because you asked so nicely.

Hauu! *abducts Jinxed and takes her home with him*

Jinxed swims in the ocean that is adorableness and plants her flag on the iceberg, proudly and defiantly standing triumphant. And then she giggles, and no-one will challenge her place on that mountain. - Krrackknut.

Just a friendly hello from one Bifauxnen to another. - Miss Nayoung

Aha! I have science to describe Jinxed with! She is 1/3 Ed, 1/3 Chiyo, and 1/3 Haruhi. I'm a genius. - Thnikkafan

Jinxy is a cutie! Also she is a really cool person who is fun to talk to on IRC. Hugs! -Sporkaganza

Second opinion: Jinxed is a handsome, Troubled, but Cute gangster who makes a doll like me swoon. -Sporkaganza

Anyone wanting Kukris, and knowing how to use them, is a true mensch. -Morgulion


The Game!! - GethKnight

Yo, I is up in yo page and vandalisin' yo stuff! - Eventua

If you're Furiko and Blackmoon's daughter does that make me your uncle or somethin'? Food for thought! ~~Blixty Slycat

I am sorry about comparing you to justin bieber :( ElRigo

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