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Here Comes the Thnikkafan!

About as average as a troper could possibly be. Adds a few things from Azumanga Daioh here and there. He is also responsible (by adding the AzuDai page) for causing the Crowning Moment Of Funny to grow like kudzu. That's about it. No, wait, he's added at least two tropes.

In regards to the fora, he's shown (and lost) interest in the TV show, he's declared English Ivy his rival, he has been adopted as some sort of surrogate sibling by Buttercupistiny, and he's one of the players in Roleplay/The Edge Of Night And Day.


He is also writing a fanfic. Go check it out! He's also written another fanfic that doesn't have its own page.

He plays TF 2 (in which he is apparently scary good), Garrys Mod, and other games that strike his fancy. On the web, he sometimes goes by Staghorn instead of Thnikkafan, due to nobody being able to pronounce the latter. (Thnick-uh-fan, so you know)

This troper contains examples of being a damn dirty thief. ಠ_ಠ

There Goes the Thnikkafan!


*Prods* Thnikkafan goes by the alias Staghorn on Ventrilo. This is vital information, sir.- Buttercupistiny

Why do you have to have two different names for things related to TV Tropes? It's confusing! - English Ivy

Uhhhhh I dunno what to say man -poke- ~Katrika

Nya, we had a nice fight. Here, have a bottle of sake. You seem to have forgotten a knife over at my place. I found it stuck in a pillow that was covered by a blanket so that it looked a person. Take better care of it next time, nya? - Lemurian


Heh, that or little brother. Someone's gotta watch out for you. -Buttercupistiny

Thnikkafan should be TV Tropes' official They Changed It, Now It Sucks! Man ~Ironeye

:) - Mapi

Huh. I thought I had hit your page. Guess not. Anyway, hey. Cool guy and blah blah blah. —Lucky Revenant

You've done a lot more than you admit to, I think... — Wheezy

Roleplaying. Yup. -Pokes Stag- - Dmboogie

Hello. Just came here to say hi! - AttObl227

Godot Was Here.

Your fanfic has hit a 10 on my custom HSQ scale. A 1 is the equivalent of Meakashi-hen. ~ Zfish9

Recommended your fic on FanficRecs.Haruhi Suzumiya. Awesome work you have there :-bd Yami No Izanagi

I am Jonesy. OrangeSpider

Alternative Title(s): Staghorn


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