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I am a 19 year old girl from Minnesota. I want to be a Forensic Scientist or a CSI, I love to read, I write poetry that's supposed to be pretty good, and I'm currently in my first year of college. I'm a fan of The Dresden Files, Young Wizards, Tamora Pierce, Discworld, Homestuck, The Hunger Games, Gunnerkrigg Court, Stephen King, Black Jack, Doctor Who, and many, many more things. However, the only fandom I've currently written any fanfiction in is Homestuck, both poetry and prose. In my spare time I moderate TV Tropes, write, and fend off stress-related emotional zombie syndrome.

The comments on this page (and the existence of my quote's page) have been preserved as a relic of a bygone era. Alas, I am not very active on the social side of TV Tropes anymore, preferring to hang out in the background.

If you want book recommendations, I'm the girl to hit up. Thanks for visiting my page!

Feel free to vandalize!


She blinded me with science! Like, poked me in the eye with a beaker or something? Ow.

* pokes Katrika back* -Ponicalica

—>"Hiya, Katrika! Thanks for signing my impromptu guestbook!"

Thnikkafan is a sexy shoeless god of war

PULL! -shoots- Critical Hit! It's Super Effective!

  • Basically the best fucking thing since sliced cheese -Mister Always


  • Katrika is my heroine. The Defender of the People - daltar

  • Watch out, it's [+++ ZUDAK WARS EPSIODE V: THE NEW YEAR'S VANDAL STRIKES BACK!!!!11+++ ]

  • Not even vandals are safe from [++ FIRE++ ]! Fire should be a link to Haven but then it'd be blue. Happy New Year, punk.

  • [+++ WARNING+++ ]
    The large vandal is approaching at full throttle.
    According to the data, it is identified as "Ponicalica".
    [++ NO REFUGE++ ]
    [[supersecretspoiler:Oh, and Happy New Year's.]]

  • <3:3 - Less than 3 to 3. Or making an animu cat face while holding a cartoon heart above myself. Both are really geeky clichés but I can't think of anything remotely charming. Shit. - Jimbobbowilly

  • A sincere high-five to a fellow Mad Scientist! - Fluid

  • GOT MILK? -a weird weird weirdo


How can it be vandalizing if you said we could do it? I mean that would be like saying I vandalized the wall you let me paint.

-And thus, my dear sir, I passively ruin all the dreams of vandals! Muahahahahaha! ~Katrika <<|The Contributors|>>

  • Everyone likes Katrika. - Krrackknut


  • Katrika is easily one of the nicest tropers. Enough said. ~ Arcadiarika

  • What is a Katrika? An adorable pile of moe! ~ goodtimesfreegrog

  • DS-tan! Your touch screen is on your belly so I must poke you there and watch you giggle adorably! -Freezair For A Limited Time


  • Miss Hedgey spent ages baking you a delicious cake. You be sure to eat it all up now. -pokes your touch screen-

  • Dai'stiho, cousin! -Hydrall

  • You're a really good friend, you're sweet as candy and funny too. So I leave this nice message from me to you.:3- Elmer36919

  • Autist reporting in. Heh, "autist". - Ack Sed

  • Teach me, Sensei! -The Fan

  • Hai Kat. If you change some letters in your name, you get Paprika. COINCIDENCE? Uh, yeah, probably, but that's not the point. Have a FUN and COOL day. Also your avvie is cute. Ok, going now. :3 - Jseblan

  • Hi Kat. The Lady of 1000 Faces here to leave you a friendly greeting-MissNayoung

  • I kinda wish you'd hang in Yack Fest again. I've missed your presence. — Lucky Revenant

  • So you want to conquer Hawaii. You can have it, I'll just take Iceland or something instead. You are welcome to visit whenever you want. Quantumawsome

—> The other day upon the stair —> I met a man who wasn't there —> He wasn't there again today —> I think he's with the CIA. —-> (not originally by) Noaqiyeum

Godot Was Here.