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This used to be a really horrible and cringey page, but it has since been blanked. Feel free to check the page history and see, with the caveat that I hated it enough to blank it down to what I have hear.

I'm studying English. I like writing as a hobby, and I'm really into game design. Tearing apart the mechanics of a medium to tell a story really interests me.

I like rap and some electronic music. Anything that can bring some emotional intensity. I also like anime enough to be running my college's club, which is pretty cool. My favorite anime is probably Ghost In The Shell, in some incarnation.


I mostly hang around the RP forum, and I've been around there longer than most other people there. I don't GM as much as I probably should. A foreverplayer and loving it. If you want an introduction to the forum, please drop me a line and I'll do my best to give you a hand. Also get in touch with daltar, the actual RP Forum mod; she's a player just like the rest of us, known her for years, A+.


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