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"Fawriel is a cuddly little guy whom we all love because he's just that awesome", says Fawriel.

Fawriel spends most of his time on the forum talking about things and pounce-hugging people from the shadows.

He also created the lovely Trope-tan.

His most major achievement besides that was to suggest the amazing Boobs of Steel and Sophisticated as Hell tropes, as well as Deep-Immersion Gaming and Muscles Are Meaningless, and some other stuff. He also named Eye Scream. And... some other stuff.


What A Man!

And here is where people write things! Also stuff!

  • Nice Guy becuase he's a Time Lord Ur-Example! Secretist
  • Pretty Cool Guy and he made the iconic Fawface! ._. ~Outta The BLAM
  • Large Ham and in that spirit, FAWFACE! MY LOVE! You've joined us crazies that have tropers play on our pages! This guy Fawriel, I'm pretty fond of him. You mess with him and I will poke you. Hard. In the shins. AND IT WILL HURT. ~Buttercup Is Tiny
  • Anthropomorphic Personification of Moe. Consequently, Badass Adorable. He headbutted a car once! -Haven
  • Even though you have ._. named after you, you don't seem all that ._. to me. You're more like '_' or ,_, or .-. even. Yes, this is just an excuse to make weird emoticons. - English Ivy
  • I'd even argue that Faw is a :3, or a . Certainly not a >8[, though. - Miijhal
  • -poke- ~Katrika
  • Badass Adorable indeed!
  • Nobody needs a reason to hug Faw. —Nyktös
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  • And so I have played with Fawriel, and seen a Furret. -signed, Kinkajou
  • What's that rabbit-thing, and what's a Tewi? -DoomTay
  • How about this. I make this page less colorful, and not even your precious Fawface will save you! AAHAHAHAHAAAA! -DoomTay
  • Hey, you're not related to YouTube's Captain Fawful, are you?
  • I salute you for your nice taste in avatars. - Lemurian
  • * looks around, makes sure no one is watching, and then glomps Faw* -Haven
  • Is it stupid of me to want to become like this guy in the near future? * shot* -Tallen
  • FAWFACE. ._. ~Charlatan
  • Such a cutey cutey. You get a manly chocolate cake! -Miss Hedgey
  • Regarding your avatars... forget Cirno, Renko is the strongest. -Caped Luigis Yoshi
  • Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Faw does indeed have the best avatars. :3 —goodtimesfreegrog
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  • You seem like a lovely chap, and you made me feel good about yourself with your compliment on my looks. That will not be forgotten any time soon, and I thank you for it. Godspeed! - The Lucky Star
  • Regarding my previous post... forget Renko, Hina is truly the strongest. :3 ~Caped Luigis Yoshi
  • I salute you for your bravery. And how hard it made me laugh. -Takwin.
  • -Leans casually on counter- Well you are a interesting person Your a nice guy you should show up in Tu more often. -Tuefel
  • I'm now officially a vandal. How odd. -EH Grayson
  • How have I not written on your page yet? Ah well, now I have. ~Ozbourne
  • Faw-faw!!! I can't believe I've never edited your page!! D: *glomps* I had to remedy this! - Jinxies
  • I didn't know you helped with A Super Mario Thing. -Marioguy128
  • Faw is awesome, there's no other way to put it~ He's one of the best tropers around! -Chagen46
  • Hi, Faw-Faw. —sgrunt
  • I thought I had already vandalized this page Flawffy. -WUE
  • The faeries were here. They may have planted a mushroom circle in your living room. - a faerie
  • I'm surprised no one hasn't done this comsidering your avatar's CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! - TARDISES
  • No-one said you had to go to the Vandalize the Above Troper's Page thread to vandalize, so CUUUUUUUUUUUTE! ~Enzeru
  • ... Is there anything you haven't done? Seriously, your credentials are ASTOUNDING. How does one get to be as amazing as you? - Pulse
  • Trope-tan's father! Now I know who to thank for our site's pet. Thanks! - Amused Troper Guy
  • Boxcar was here. -Bocaj
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Ted Raimi (Sam Raimi's younger brother and the guy who played Joxer. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat
  • Wait a minute. You're here too? Would you stop being everywhere? The last time I saw you was when I was 4I, and that was... well, that was a long damn time ago. - Xebrus
  • I am compelled to say something by Fawful every time I read your name. Stupid compelling mustard. - totlmstr
  • Hi Faw! - Magcargo Man


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