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I'm Etheru! I'm an all-around strange guy who's prone to lambasting himself, and with a fairly narrow range of interests. Came to this site somewhere around 2008, and while I kinda think the site's gone downhill a bit since then, I frequently stick around. Probably more out of habit than any real attachment, though, even if there is some, I think, genuinely useful information here (although they're tempered a bit by a lack of citations; I'm not saying become Wikipedia, I'm just saying to cite sources better). I also kind of wish the site was funnier again. I particularly dislike the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.

I don't really have anything else of interest to say about myself up here; I think most of the facts down there just about cover it.

Facts I like to think are interesting about myself.

  • I thought it'd be interesting to write this instead of just simply "trope" my interests. Which I've kinda done before, but I don't like to talk about that.
  • I was diagnosed with autism around Age 7.
  • I'm pretty thin-skinned. It's one of the many things I dislike about myself. I think I'm getting just a bit better, though.
  • Tend to rant. Would rather not go further.
  • I tried to avoid putting too much self-deprecation on this list because I think people get sick of that pretty quickly.
  • I'm a LEGO maniac.
  • I have Youtube and Steam accounts, too. I don't upload many videos, though, and for the most part prefer to stay away from Steam forums (aside from taking part in heated conversations I regretted quickly and had no business in in the first place). I would love to start uploading (public) Lets Plays on Youtube.
  • I am too lazy and need better work ethic.
  • "Etheru" was derived from the One Piece character Eneru/Enel when I was younger, putting "Eth" before the "Eru" part. I actually kinda regret picking the name, if only because it was just me being lazy and unoriginal.
  • On-again, off-again roleplayer.
    • I prefer to play female characters. I used to play pre-dominantly male characters in RPs, but then switched to mostly female characters, and in general I prefer to write female characters.
  • I proposed "Complexity Addiction", "Unexpected Character", and "Promoted to Playable" albeit all of them were under different names at the time. I might have proposed one more, but can't remember. I like the second and third the most.

Things I like or dislike

  • I love superheroes, robots, and the horror genre.
    • Favorite horror movies are The Frighteners and Evil Dead 2.
    • My favorite superheroes are Superman, Spider-Man, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and (technically) Mega Man. I also enjoyed Batman for a good while, but kind of have a love/hate relationship with him nowadays.
  • I like stories that take place in a weird, undefined time period that takes traits after multiple. It's a good way of keeping a story "aged" while still being able to keep it somewhat contemporary.
  • Avid game player; particular games I enjoy (there's going to be a lot of Indies on this list...):
    • Freedom Planet: It's just such a cool little Sonic-alike, even if it borrows more from multiple games. The plot's a little cheesy, but I feel that it makes a good effort to create a nice, developed world.
    • Sonic Mania: Best Sonic game in years! While I was a little leery of the classic stages, they were all done with neat enough new twists that I was fine with the retreads.
    • Shovel Knight: A game I got around two years after it came out, having earlier dismissed it. It's since become one of my favorite games, though.
    • Mega Man: I admit I prefer the Classic series overall, with Legends in second place. I will admit that X and Zero have stronger characterization, though.
    • Super Smash Bros.: Should go without saying, probably. Wish it had more villains, though.
      • Rivals of Aether: I like it from a gameplay standpoint, but feel the writing is very weak (mostly how vague and empty the setting feels, and how most of the characters are written).
    • Half-Life: In general I love these games, namely for their good storytelling. Oh, and I think the gunplay is pretty good too. I like to play Sven Co-op sometimes, although my net connection gets in the way of that.
    • The Walking Dead: Albeit Season 1 only. It really just worked better as a self-contained story about the surrogate parent and child bond between Clementine and Lee.
    • A Hat in Time: Incredibly charming platformer that's also funny as shit. I also think it's got some fairly good storytelling, for what it is, even if most of it is in Psychonauts-like supplements found within the bonus levels.
    • Control: So weird as fuck. A little difficult, but that might be my fairly low adaptability.
    • Goat Simulator: It's a Guilty Pleasure. I think its satire is less funny than the Surreal Humor.
  • I haven't quite decided if I'll pursue game dev or writing cartoons. Speaking of which...
  • I'm a big fan of cartoons.
    • Particular favorites are the various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adaptationsAlthough... . They're all wildly varying incarnations, and it's really cool.
      • Speaking of which, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is probably one of my favorite incarnations of the series for its interesting characters and not trying to ape too much from prior continuities, but what it did ape was reworked in a surprisingly fresh and interesting way.
    • I have a fair bit of fondness for Scooby-Doo. Might be rose-tinted glasses, but there's a certain charm I find in it overall.
    • Amphibia is quite good, though a lot more "slow-burn" in regards to its lore. I kinda prefer it over The Owl House (which is also a good show, but something feels like it's missing in my opinion...).
    • Anime-wise, I like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (big shock), My Hero Academia, and FLCL (not as much Progressive; opinion pending on Alternative). I also rather enjoyed Little Witch Academia, with my main overall complaint being how lopsided its first and second halves feel (the first being primarily episodic and the second being more dramatic and character-driven). I also liked Tetsuwan Birdy.
  • Reading is something I rarely do, but I can enjoy it.
    • I hold a bit of fondness for Animal Farm, since it was among the High School books I can remember.
    • I like fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood is my favorite, predictably.
    • The Candle Cove Creepypasta was really cool.
  • I hate arbitrary futzing of chronological or production order in a series. It often almost ruins coherency, and makes the series way too confusing to navigate (especially when nothing official clears up what the order is).