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Rynnec is a college-age midwestern troper. A longtime lurker on internet forums, he's recently obtained his own personal laptop, and can now spread his geeky-ness across the net.

And that's my story in a nutshell. To go a bit more in-depth, I'm a Shut In and a NEET, who mostly goes on the internet and/or plays videogames for most of his days. I am a bit of an aspiring writer though, (not professionally, just for entertainment mostly) unfortunately I'm so much of a Lazy Bum, that I hardly have anything written down. Which aggravates me because I'm really fond of my characters, and would like to share their stories. (The fact that I'm sort of a perfectionist who's not very verbose definitely doesn't help matters). Fortunately, I've recently been getting back into gaming to sort-of compensate for this fact.


Tropes that (sort of) apply to me:

Only those courage to Vandalize...uh, Vandalize me.

Prepare to vandalize. Engage. - X2X

Standby, ready. Set up! -desdendelle


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