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Greetings, reader! I'm a guy who likes video games, animation (both Japanese and Western), films, math, science, and music! I joined TV Tropes on June 2013, but it wasn't until March 2024 when I finally told myself to make a proper userpage.

Starting from early 2022, I began venturing through work page to crosswick trope examples to them (ideally, all tropers should crosswick the examples they add to pages, but guess how many people actually do that... ;_;). However, I also edit to fix editing issues like natter and improper indentation, occasionally cast votes in Trope Repair Shop and Image Pickin' crowners, suggest examples for TLP drafts (and, albeit rarely, sponsor or adopt drafts), and also like posting in the forums. If there's something about the wiki or the forums you'd like to know, feel free to PM me!



Tropes marked with (*) were those I adopted from other tropers during Trope Launch Pad.


Works marked with (*) existed beforehand as redirects to their parent franchise or multi-work pages.


Work pages to crosswick trope examples to in the future:

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    Cycles 1 to 7 

    Cycles 8 to 14 

    Cycles 15 to 21 

    Cycle 22 and onward