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Well, first of all, I suck at intros. Also, I'm a typical Aspergian currently living in southern New York, in Westchester. I first came across this website via the reccomendation of a friend. Said friend is not a troper, so I can't really say who, but a friend nontheless. I am a caucasian, heterosexual, atheistic (but officially jewish) male. I love videogames, but I sadly got into them way later then I should have. I also play Magic, but not as much as I play videogames, mostly because I'm the only one in my house who plays Magic. I'm a big film buff, as well as a viewer of That Guy With The Glasses. I like a couple other things too, but I'll save those for the list below:


Works that I enjoy to various degrees

Anime and Manga

NOTICE: I just got into Anime, so this list probably won't be very long for a while.

Comic Books (includes Graphic Novels)


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