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Hey there ,welcome to my page!

About me

English guy who sits in front of a computer screen while drinking tea (most of the time,anyway)

Long time user

Was here when the dinosaurs were still about,probably.

Could be a Caveman,maybe.

likes to draw stuff and paint stuff.

Below is a disordered list where I tried and failed to remain in third person.

  • Likes Steven Universe
  • Likes Gravity Falls
  • Favourite Pokemon? All of them
  • Likes Doctor Who
    • Favourite Doctor is 10
  • Likes Star Wars
  • Really hates butter
  • Really likes Eternal Darkness and thinks it was the best game on the Gamecube
  • Was a Lumper back when those groups still existed as separate pages on the wiki
  • Thinks Werewolves are cooler then sparkly vampires
  • Hates being called Ult seriously it's like his biggest berserk button
  • Does not like pointless and confusing initialisms or acronyms
  • Likes making nautical puns whenever shipping is mentioned
  • Has absolutely terrible hand writing and can't spell
  • Has started playing the Mass Effect games, favourite alien race is the Hanar
  • Likes having finny fun and partying in Agrabah
  • Edits his posts and wiki edits constantly,making him a Serial Tweaker
  • Is really bad at remaining in third person when writing this page
  • Feels the need to say "GO COWBOYS!" when the subject is the Superbowl
  • Dislikes walls of text
  • Thinks Spirit Tracks is the best Legend Of Zelda game on account of it's magical trains,complaints about the game having one button that does everything controls be damned.
  • Likes Extra Credits and Extra History
  • Thinks emojis are amusing and wishes he could pepper his signature with them although character limits (which exist for a good reason by the way) prevent this dream from become a reality
  • Is Brilliant But Lazy
  • Likes all the Kingdom Hearts games,even 358 days
  • Likes making terrible puns
  • Likes steam trains.
  • Is an optimist
  • Thinks Wookie Jedi are totally a thing
  • Thinks Yack Fest should be called Yack Feast
  • Thinks Ivy valentine is the best Soul Calibur fighter
  • Has been playing a lot of Divinity Original Sin II lately,
    • Likes playing as the Lizards
    • Favourite classes are Witch and Enchanter
  • Has a List of Lists somewhere
  • Favourite Smash bros fighters are Princess Peach and Donkey Kong
  • Has a Discord channel because hey it seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Thinks Starfox Adventures is the best star fox game ever
  • Plays a lot of Civilisation,Crusader Kings 2 and Stellaris
  • Has this weird problem with placing commas and hyphens
  • Is a disasturbator,whatever that is
    • May or may not be Heinz doofenshmirtz's latest inator
  • Word of God is that he's possibly,maybe from another dimension
  • Likes Final Fantasy
    • Really likes VII and IX,and maybe VIII
      • As a side note is terrible with Roman numerals
  • Is fond of making Non sequiturs
  • May or may not be a species of Gadfly but is not The Gad Fly
    • And is certainly not a Troll either as had shown no interest in standing under bridges while demanding a toll or tormenting billy goats
  • is a lefty when it comes to politics
  • Has a squishy,whatever that is
  • Is an artist and drew some of his avatars,something he's rather proud of
  • Is Agnostic or at least tries to be,but its probably more accurate to say Atheist
  • Favourite Batman villain is Poison Ivy
  • Really likes Twi'leks
  • Likes Princess Tutu
  • Has finally played Undetale and completed it
  • Likes Dungeons & Dragons lore but is yet to play a single game
  • Is from the Moom,whatever or wherever is that is
  • Likes Draw Fee
  • Likes Amphibia
  • Likes Tiger, Tiger
  • Likes No Evil
  • Has watched The Owl House
  • has started playing Dragon Age: Origins
    • has since played Dragon age 2 and Inquisition
  • Has launched at least two tropes by now (Haunting the Guilty and Will-o'-the-Wisp)
  • Has walked 500 miles and would walk 500 more
  • Is running up that hill
  • Ran so far away

Once upon a time people could freely edit other people's troper pages,I've kept those wall writings here for posterity.

I do go on, don't I?

FIRST! * ahem* Hello there. ~ Zyxzy

To victory! To vandalism! ~ Bobby G

British, eh, good chap? Let's have a spot of tea and eat fish and chips together when I come visit. - Outta The BLAM

Hey Fock You, Ulti.

Nobutlolwut ILY :3

- DOCTAR ZOVYET :D <<|The Contributors|>>