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  • Spider-Man is trying to clean up a bit, while he provides a recap of the first episode. A man lying in the street asks him to stop talking and help.
  • An unintentional one. When the Thing goes to kill Doctor Doom, Doom asks "How did you get in here?" The artist and writer apparently weren't communicating properly, because we see the Thing coming through an open door.
  • Another one involving the Thing, this time in Issue 1:
    Thing: Reed! Can you explain what the hell's going on in 25 words or less?
    Mr. Fantastic: I don't know!
    Thing: You did it in three! I didn't think you had it in you!
  • In Issue 1, Valkyrie's line: "You should see me in bed, Thor. Very verily."
  • Another unintentional one: One of Wolverine's lines to Magneto during their fight is "I got news for you — if you're God, then God is dead!"
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  • Quoted from Nick Fury when he's rescued from the pocket dimension:
    I was wondering when you bungholes were going to show up.
  • In the Ultimate FF tie-in, Dormammu finds a wayward Johnny Storm in his dimension. His response? "Well, well, look what this power-constipated city just pooped out."


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