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"Open your eyes so wide that you let the entire world come in."
Richard Engel

Geeky twentysomething with a penchant for period drama, romance novels, undying loyalty, true love, partners-in-crimesolving, anything penned by Heidi Thomas, David Weber, or Aaron Sorkin, and boys who love each other. (Also girls who love each other, and boys and girls who love each other.)

Fandoms include Call the Midwife, Honor Harrington, Code Black, 1632, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Babylon 5, The Belgariad, and Robin Hood in all its many incarnations.


American by birth, but spent half a decade resident in Scotland. Very much a Hufflepuff, with all that entails.

Proud member of FoRKS.

See you around.

RoseAndHeather Exhibits The Following Tropes:

I serve at the pleasure of President Pritchart.