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The realization hits you like a brick in the jaw.

"Hey! Are you tired of real doors clutterin' up your house? Where you open 'em and they actually go somewhere, and you go into another room? Get on down to Real Fake Doors!"

Simply put, when a door opens to an unexpected impasse, most characteristically a wall. This wall is often made of brick. Most times this occurs, it indicates something has gone deeply wrong.

Although (as stated above) this is most commonly a wall, a variation occurs if the door is supposed to be a portal of some kind, where nothing is behind the door but whatever is physically behind the door. It can also occur with other things as stand-ins for doors, such as curtains.


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    Comic Books 

    Films — Animated 
  • Monsters, Inc.: Portal Doors not connected to power will open to nothing. Waternoose banishes Sully and Mike by sending them through a door to a remote cold area and then disconnecting it, causing it to open to nothing on the other side. This also applies to the closets the factory uses, which open as normal in the human world when not connected to a powered door, and especially when those closets are destroyed.

    Films — Live Action 
  • This helps form a Bookend in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. When Forge Fitzwilliam gets arrested at the denoument, they attempt to escape the wintry prison through the same method Edgin and Holga used in the beginning... only to discover that the window had since been replaced by brick.
  • 1408: As soon as Mike fully realizes how dangerous the room really is and tries to make a break for it, it creates a brick wall behind the front door so he can't leave.
  • The Matrix: Played for Drama when an alteration to the Matrix results in a brick wall hidden behind a curtain, where a window should be, trapping the protagonists inside that building.
  • During the "Make 'Em Laugh" number in Singin' in the Rain Cosmo opens a movie prop door, "discovering" a prop brick wall behind it. He pretends to slam into it, then pretends that his face has been messed up by the collision.
  • See How They Run: Köpernick, fleeing from a killer backstage at the theatre, sees an exit sign above a door...only for it to be a prop door in front of a brick wall. He's promptly offed.

  • In Coraline, this occurs one time when Coraline is going to the Other World, with a brick wall appearing behind the door.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who
    • A mundane version occurs in "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" when Ian opens a door and nearly falls to his death, as the stairs have been destroyed along with most of London.
    • In "Father's Day", when the Doctor leaves Rose to stay with her father after she saved him, the TARDIS turns out to be completely empty, with the doors opening to the inside of a box as one would normally expect.
    • At the end of "The Pandorica Opens" and through the beginning of "The Big Bang", River Song is stuck in a time loop inside the TARDIS where she plays around with the controls a bit and then runs to the door to try and escape, behind which is a solid concrete wall.
    • "The God Complex": The Doctor tries the doors in the hotel lobby only to discover a brick wall behind them. Also, there are no windows behind the curtains.
      "Big day for a fan of walls."
    • At the beginning of "The Zygon Inversion", when Clara is trapped in the Zygon pod, and thus in a dream state, she notices some weirdness about where she is, and then attempts to leave, noticing that the front door to the apartment she's in opens to a brick wall, and the curtains appear to just be attached to the wall, with nothing but more wall behind it.
    • Early on in "Heaven Sent", the Doctor uses a psychic link to open a door and escape from the creature, and it opens to a very short corridor, functionally just another wall.
  • The Goodies: In "The End", the Goodies open their front door only to run into a featureless wall of concrete, as their office has just been encased in a solid block of concrete (as a result of Graeme's architectural design to prevent squatters moving in).
  • In an episode of The Greatest American Hero, Ralph and Bill are checking out an ordinary house that's going to be torn down, to see if they want to buy any of the items inside. Ralph opens a door and finds a blank brick wall behind it. However, his super-suit lets him see and then walk through the wall and into a sort of "ghost room" beyond.
  • Walker, Texas Ranger: Trivette encounters one in Season 2's "Unfinished Business". While he and Walker are on the trail of Petey Cevara, a guard tells him he can't enter a bar through that door, but Trivette pays no attention and beats him up, shoots the lock and opens the door to find out too late it's bricked up.

    Video Games 
  • Antichamber has the exit door be this. Except for when it isn't.
  • In the "Communications" level of Doom³, there is a door covered in blood, with a white light above it that turns red to the sound of a pounding from the other side. Approaching it causes it to burst open to reveal a wall of flesh and teeth, and a gigantic snapping mouth to lunge out at you, before pulling back as the door slams shut.
  • A couple of these can be found in Lost Bastille in Dark Souls II. There's one door that contains a corpse sealed into the walls, and a door that just drops down nowhere but death.
  • The House of All Worlds in Dreamfall Chapters has a door in the living room that apparently opens into a brick wall. Saga, a Playable Character who grew up there, learns that this was a deliberate design decision by her father, and, in the final chapters of the game, destroys the brick wall to open a Shift into Arcadia at just the right moment to bring Kian (her future adoptive father) from the brink of death and save the day when everything seems lost.
  • In Fallout 3, there's a door that, upon opening, reveals a wall with graffiti saying "FUCK YOU".
  • Fallout 4:
    • In a remote region of the wasteland, there is a concrete structure with a very conspicuously placed door. Opening it reveals a red skull decoration with the words "you look nice today!" Doing this spawns a Siege Breaker Sentry Bot right around the corner.
    • If you follow the mysterious little girl up to the attic of the Grandchester Mystery House in the Nuka World DLC, you see her run through a door, shutting it behind her. Opening it leads to both a wall and one mother of a Scare Chord. And the realization that she is a ghost.
    • The Kiddy Kingdom fun house in Nuka World, naturally, has several of these.
  • Used as one of the many surreal events in Layers of Fear, sometimes with messages scrawled on the brickwork behind the door.
  • The first LEGO Star Wars game has, in one level, a room containing a bunch of doors that can be opened by droids. One of those doors, when opened, has just a brick wall behind it. One does wonder whether it was a Missing Secret or simply a gag, given the stuff found behind the other doors.
  • Luigi's Mansion: A hazard found in the corridors. If Luigi tries to open one, it will slam him into the wall. There is even a trail of coins on the floor leading to one to bait players into falling for the trap.
  • Portal 2: A chase sequence ends with a door labeled "GLaDOS Emergency Shutdown and Cake Dispensary. Keep Unlocked.", which falls over when you approach it. And like most test chambers, the "wall" it was on is a series of movable segments, which then come apart to show empty space behind it. GLaDOS mocks you for falling for her Schmuck Bait, but you actually had no option but to try the door.
  • Played with in Scratches. After Micheal Arthate finds a hidden room in the blueprints of Blackwood Manor, the supposed door is hidden behind wallpaper, and when Micheal cuts it open, he finds that the door's been bricked up. The only other way to get in is by rappelling down the outside of the house and entering through the window.
  • In The Stanley Parable, it can happen that you come across a door behind which you find a brick wall.

    Web Animation 
  • During the Happy Tree Friends episode Home Is Where The Hurt Is, Giggles opens up a door, only to find a brick wall.

    Web Video 
  • In the Guaranteed* Video "Mr. Basement", the Anthropomorphic Personification of basements gets killed, causing every basement in the world to disappear. The protagonists, the only two who still remember what basements were, find that the door to their basement now opens to a brick wall.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • The Winchester Mansion was purposely built with several of these. To confuse vengeful ghosts.
  • Sometimes can happen as a result of dividing up a house into multiple units. You don't want one tenant to just be able to waltz right in to another tenant's part of the house now, do you?