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I usually just clean up stuff about the Wiki, speling erars spelling errors, Wiki syntax errors, and pages that need sorting — Ear Worm for example. I have recently been spending a lot of time in the Trope Repair Shop, and removing redlinked tropes from index pages.

The Epic Tropes of Glorious Hammers from the Band Gloryhammer is my latest page on the wiki.

Other than that, I read this 10 hours a day like everyone else here,

I suppose you know I've moved by now,

Some things I've learned about the wiki:

Hey Its That Guy and Hey Its That Voice removed from the wiki for being constantly misused. This is because no-one learned not to pothole a Character's name to another character's name with a link to the series they're from and no information about the actor. Constant confusion with Role Association and the fact this wasn't fixed in 5 years led to a purge of the trope.

Some just for fun and subjective tropes allow you to use 'I' but don't use This Troper for the reason stated above.

I will be watching for breaches of This Troper in main articles. If you're lucky, it'll be put in 3rd person. If you're not as lucky, It'll be removed completely.

Section about Troper Tales removed completely. Bi The Way, I'm a Deadpan Snarker Tsundere with a Badass Longcoat were deemed things we DIDN'T need to know.

Now the silly bit, cos if you've read this far I can get away with it.

Also, This Troper (I'm allowed to use it here) may end up being an example of Have I Mentioned I Am Gay? (actually Bisexual) since my boyfriend isn't a contributor except by proxy.

This Troper runs on Fetish Fuel. Which is more ecofriendly than the other fuels on the wiki - Nausea Fuel, Nightmare Fuel and a lot more ecofriendlier (is that a word?) than High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Removing it was a conspiracy against Al Gore.

Is a Time Lord, hoping to one day give an impressive speech, also is a Cyborg powered by a Neutron Star.

It is a pity our alien overlords did not turn up, I was hoping to have some fun. Anyway, if they did turn up all angry and green, I would have to ask - Why so Serious?