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Hasn't been on the "Franchise.Lupin III" pages for months now. Uploading work pages for Isaac Asimov. Obsessive Fan. Cosplayer.

Hates tropes based on Troperithmetic.

I don't know how else to access it, so link to discussion pages.

When trope examples from one work use other works to supply the necessary context, they are called Trivia-tropes. In-Universe examples and Invoked Trope examples may be added to the main work page rather than the trivia subpage.

Ambiguous Time Period, Nebulous Now, Present Day, Unintentional Period Piece, Anacronism Stew, 20 Minutes into the Future, Next Sunday A.D., 20 Minutes into the Past; Super-Trope for "no exact date for the work", divided into different reasons why the era is ambiguous, as well as specific aversions.

Metafictional Title

The earliest form of chess we might recognize as the game played worldwide today may be the game of 6th century Chaturanga from India. At that time, the game was played on the same 8x8 board, with pieces arranged symmetrically across opposite sides of the board. Even at an early time, it is clear that people liked to play variations on the basic game. Chaturaji is described in the 11th century as a four-player dice game.

Sleight Of Hand YKTTW draft

Handheld objects and the Short Con combine to demonstrate a character's cleverness.

The legerdemain of the dexterous adds just a touch of the fantastic in an otherwise realistic character. Prestidigitation is supposed to be limited by physics, yet when stories are told, our laws of physics don't have to be followed. So a character can stretch the definition of mundane powers by utilizing a bit of manual manipulation and perform feats of outright impossible larceny while automatically being accepted as a mundane talent. The ruse is magical and mundane at the same time.

A requisite skill for pickpockets, a close-up trick for the Stage Magician, and a much-loved method for the perverted Panty Thief. It is incredibly rare for a character to manifest this ability only once, so anyone who performs a bit of fine-fingered flim-flam is automatically in some way shady. And yet, that doesn't make the character evil. If the target was stolen, many of these performance artists return it soon after the theft.

The objective of this trope is a demonstration of their devious capabilities without telling the audience the character is untrustworthy. Misdirection and Social Engineering often come into play for the character since the target (a coin, a deck of cards, your pants...) must fit in their hands. Similar Short Con tricks are the Quick Change and Pick a Card.

This is Super-Trope to:

  • Give Me Back My Wallet, where one of the other characters is one step ahead of this character, either by being familiar enough with them to expect the theft, or aware enough to catch them in the act.
  • Affectionate Pickpocket, where this character makes obvious physical contact with the victim in order to steal from them.
  • Percussive Pickpocket, where this character "accidently" bumps into the victim in order to steal from them.
See also Impossible Theft, where the theft isn't supposed to seem realistic at all, even if it turns out no laws of physics were violated in the process.
Sticky Fingers unclear

When Sticky Fingers was in YKTTW, the definition was character that steals. When launched, the definition clarified that any reason counts.

There has, however, been a trend to make this the "Hollywood Kleptomania" trope, citing obsessive/compulsive reasons for stealing and including more and more information about real world kleptomania. I contend that "stuff is stolen" is People Sit on Chairs and that the trend towards compulsive theivery is a legitimate trope.

So I propose that the definition be changed and the page renamed to reflect the new definition (old name and The Kleptomaniac kept as redirects).

    Proposed redefinition 
This character finds themselves unable to avoid stealing. The compulsion may be so severe that they are (or pretend to be) unaware of the thefts they've committed. The compulsion may be framed as a love or habit, but this trope automatically comes into play when the character regrets the theft. A quirk of otherwise decent characters, since an evil character would never demonstrate any regrets for taking someone else's property.

This trope is associated with the Real Life illness Kleptomania.translation  In the real world, it's an obsession with collecting or hoarding things (which are typically small items like paperclips or pens, which the sufferer may or may not be even aware they stole) with no regard to any material gain. While it might seem quite mild, it can lead to compulsive shoplifting and is often comorbid with personality disorders, which can make things even worse.

In fiction, this is a trait to make the Loveable Rogue flawed without being too evil. Usually Played for Laughs, trying to prevent the character from stealing is likely to backfire into getting them to steal more than usual. Expect to see the items returned with effuse apologies and sometimes before the victim even noticed the theft. Other characters who grow familiar with this one will insist on Give Me Back My Wallet.

This compulsion is a Sub-Trope to Mr. Vice Guy, technically falling under greed. This is Supertrope to Thieving Magpie; birds who have an obsession with theft. See also Criminals for people in general who might steal or mug others. The Sister Trope Kleptomaniac Hero refers to a player's compulsion to collect every possible item in the game, even if it was worthless.

     Film / Lupin III 2014 

This caper provides examples of:

  • Cat Fight: When Michael sends MMMM to fetch Fujiko, MMMM says she was told to use any means necessary. Fujiko takes this as an invitation to test how well MMMM can fight. Lupin watches the two ladies fight because MMMM isn't wearing her typical jacket (just corset and stockings), and Fujiko had just come out of the shower with a bathrobe on. After Fujiko beats up MMMM, she tells her that's enough. Turns out Fujiko wanted to go see Micheal anyway.

Fujiko - A Ction Girl (Beat up eight cops in introduction) F Anservice (mid-fight with cops, camera switches to slowmo for shot of her getting wet and tossing her hair back) - solves rubic's cube.

Pierre - Parkour - rubic's cube (12) Jiro Lupin — Achilies Heel When it comes to [Fujiko], you're helpless.

Michael Inspector Koichi Zenigata Thomas Dawson - British rich guy - Jigen

Lazer hallway (pierre) Olympic Games Weight detection system — floor off-limits Jetpack - Jiro Trade medal for a kiss Phone call exploding bomb Hong Kong Private art gallery in Singapore Thieving Ring ""The Works" "New bomb" - Malibu - Chekhov's Gun Family photo (Dawson, Lupin II, Lupin III) on desk Survellience van — Wong Wong Dumpling — cameras outside the mansion Diary for Lupin

     Characters / Lupin III 2014 


Wick Check for The Chosen One:

  • Total wicks — 5152
  • Minimum wicks needed to check: 71.77
  • Method: using the redirect Chosen One, check every 10 pages, should give 74 wicks.

  1. Apocalypse Cult: Humanx Commonwealth series: Flinx is the Chosen One fated to destroy "the Great Evil"
  2. Fan Fic/Amenaza: Naruto here is not the All-Loving Hero and Child of Destiny as he is in the manga.
  3. Assassin's Creed: Chosen One: Desmond is the ultimate Chosen One in a bloodline filled with them, all so The Ones Who Came Before can prevent The End of the World as We Know It.
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Watchers and Slayers: Faith, The Chosen One: She is the One True Slayer,
  5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Chosen One: Gabriel, the "pure-hearted warrior" spoken of in an ancient prophecy.
  6. Destructive Saviour: Played For Drama: A prophecy that states two Chosen Ones will either save the world... or destroy it.
  7. Fainting Seer: This strip of Those Destined, right after Rae removes the collar that hid her Chosen One aura.
  8. Galaxia Chronicles: discover who he really is, and defeat the Siris, all while a mysterious prophet in black robes guides him along the way.
  9. Geodesic Cast: The Harry Potter books, Neville could have been the Chosen One if Voldemort had attacked the Longbottoms instead of the Potters when they were babies. The prophecy did not specify a name, and both Neville and Harry fit the bill.
  10. Harry Potter – Hogwarts Teachers
    • Hagrid: The Obi-Wan: He is the one who gets Harry himself started on his journey as The Chosen One. He is also the Obi-Wan to Harry's Luke. Except he actually manages to survive.
    • Trelawney: She was the one who made the prediction that marked Harry as a possible Chosen One to defeat Voldemort
  11. Hesitant Sacrifice: Super Street Fighter IV: Ryu, the true character destined to finally vanquish Bison
  12. House of Anubis:
  13. I Just Want to Be Normal:
  14. Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Chosen One: Deconstructed with Jan and Rio. ultimately both reject their fates.

    powers bestowed 
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Watchers and Slayers: Faith, Jumped at the Call: Faith loved the new found responsibility and power that came from being a Chosen One.
  2. Cover-Blowing Superpower: In The Fallen, Aaron must constantly avoid using his Nephilim or Redeemer abilities
  3. Dragon Nest: Chosen One: Rose, the "Prophet." It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Being The Chosen One has caused Rose to be kidnapped by a series of monsters who want to use her latent powers for their own evil purposes.
  4. Fire Emblem Awakening: The Lords: Blessed with Suck/Cursed with Awesome: Through the means of their family's Super Breeding Program, The Avatar is now the The Chosen One
  5. House of Anubis: I See Dead People: This is one of Nina's abilities as the Chosen One.
  6. I Just Want to Be Normal: Flinx, the major protagonist of Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth universe, being told possibly his brain exploding from his evolving powers.

    chosen by other people 
  1. Battle B-Daman: Demoted to Extra: Marda B's good side assembles a group 'chosen' players to square off against his dark half
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Watchers and Slayers: Sineya, The Chosen One: The First of the Ones.
  3. I Just Want to Be Normal: In When She Was Bad, Amber Price is declared to be The Chosen One by an order of mysterious caped figures and given superpowers, but initally wants no part of it

    chosen by divine powers 
  1. Fire Emblem Awakening: The Lords: Antichrist: The Avatar is the Chosen One that will become the vessel for Grima, this universe's equivalent of Satan in the Bad Future.
  2. I Just Want to Be Normal: Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender: "normal" for Aang still involves Elemental Powers, just not being the Avatar. Avatar is balance between spirit and human

  1. Bishōnen: Star Driver's Takuto Tsunashi. "Galactic Bishonen" isn't a nickname; it's his official title as the Chosen One
  2. Chronicles of Blood and Stone: Chosen One: Tristan. He and his sister are literally called the "Chosen Ones."
  3. David Versus Goliath: Kings is a modern-day retelling of the David story. In the pilot, plucky young soldier David Shepherd goes behind enemy lines to rescue some hostages
  4. Dominic Deegan: Chosen One: Luna during March Across Maltak.
  5. Dominic Deegan: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Something the Shintula Chieftain experiences in the form of Luna's Chosen One status, which would never have happened if he hadn't cursed the Callanians with the affliction that would lead Luna to being born with 'Tusk-Mouth' in the first place.
  6. Engagement Challenge: Dragon Quest V, In the DS Remake, all three girls are descendants of the previous Chosen One, thus allowing your son to be the new Chosen One later in the game.
  7. Father, I Want to Marry My Brother: fantasy movie Ator: The Flying Eagle: The father then reveals that the hero was an adopted Chosen One who was sent to live with them for his own safety and he gives the kids his blessing to marry.
  8. Galaxia Chronicles: Chosen One: Maxx is a pretty straight example.
  9. Grey: Man Behind the Man: Robert J. Dimitri, the hundreds-years-old cyborg, created the Sure fembots for the purpose of helping the Chosen One
  10. Hesitant Sacrifice: It might be a Chosen One wondering why they specifically have to die instead of somebody else
  11. House of Anubis: Butt-Monkey: Nina, too. Despite being The Hero and The Chosen One,
  12. I Just Want to Be Normal: In Smallville, Clark has said numerous times that his goal is to live like and be an ordinary human. Somehow, many viewers doubt this will be the case. Not Destiny; audience expectation

    The Only One 
  1. Brave New World: Refusal of the Call: Ash, understandably tired of being the only person who can save the world a few hundred times, turned him down.
  2. Eats Babies: Romancing SaGa 3: The rare survivor tends to grow up into some kind of Chosen One for good or ill.
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening: The Lords: Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: This loophole allows the Avatar to kill the otherwise unkillable Grima at the cost of them basically being killed as well!
  4. It Gets Better: Tales of Symphonia: What seems like a classic "power up the Chosen One and save the world" story turns out to be a complete and utter LIE.

Last checked Juken Sentai Gekiranger
Notes for a TRS thread on Period Piece:

  • There's no real need for examples. Just about any show set in the past counts. You'd know one if you saw one.
  • Period Piece uses the past as a backdrop for the drama.
  • Historical Fiction uses the drama of historical events to drive the plot.