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IC (Identity Codes) Numbers are codes used by the British police to describe a person's apparent ethnicity.

The codes are:

  • IC1- White European
  • IC2- Dark European (Mediterranean / Hispanic)
  • IC3- Afro-Caribbean
  • IC4- Asian (South Asian)
  • IC5- Southeast Asian
  • IC6- Arab/North African
  • IC7 or 0- Unknown (sometimes snarkily referred to as 'Tantastic', for those who've over done the orange fake tan)

Used in many a Police Procedural, especially The Bill.

Although it's not used universally; the London Metropolitan Police came up with the idea and were the only ones to really make official use of it until a national system was brought in in 2000. Appearances in fiction outside of the M25 are usually a result of poor research.


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