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Referring to the trope of the female becoming pregnant and then killing her mate, often in the act of copulation. A sub-trope that is part of various tropes, including the Black Widow, Out with a Bang and possibly Someone to Remember Him By tropes.

May be, sometimes, in part or in whole, a metaphor for the fear that Men Are the Expendable Gender, because in many countries they are at a legal and social disadvantage against the mother in matters concerning their children.

For obvious reasons (outside of a Mister Seahorse situation), the ones who practice this trope are Always Female. Supertrope of Mantis Mating Meal.

As this is a Death Trope, unmarked spoilers abound. Beware.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • This was Diva's Moral Event Horizon in Blood+, involving raping Saya's younger brother Riku for the purpose of bearing his kid and then murdering him.
  • An extremely unusual Bizarre Alien Reproduction version of this appears in the manga version of Level E; male Conwellians eat their females as part of the breeding process, as the digestive juices are what stimulate the eggs to be fertilised and eventually hatch. They actually destroyed their own planet fighting over whether or not they should genetically alter their species to remove this trait.
  • In one chapter of Franken Fran Fran saves a boy's crush after an accident by making her part insect. His helping the girl through her recuperation allows him to win her over, resulting in them having sex after she is released from Fran's care... at which point her insect instincts take over and she kills and eats him.
  • This happens in quite a few chapters of Pet Shop of Horrors. One of the most explicit is in the first volume when a customer buys a beautiful bird which, to her, looks like a gorgeous, winged man. She buys a female of the species when she worries that he's lonely and follows the Count's instructions to leave him alone for a period of time, but gives in and checks in on them one day early. As it turns out, the birds reproduce by the pregnant female eating the male and, by looking in a day early, the girl was "treated" to the sight of her beloved pet's still-living chewed-off head.

    Comic Books 
  • In Red Robin the "Daughter of Acheron" plans to rape Tim and get pregnant by him and then immediately kill him. The fact that she's tapping into her powers while forcefully undressing him indicates that he is probably supposed to die while she's raping him but Tim didn't come without backup so her plans are quickly ruined.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • In Wonder Woman (2006) the "Citizenry" travel about enslaving worlds, slaughtering their populace to use as food and fuel and raping and killing the men in order to conceive offspring. Diana is horrified, as are the rest of the Amazons—including the Bana who were keeping men as breeding slaves less than a generation ago—who agree to indefinitely imprison the Citizenry leader when the rest say they'll abandon these practices without her.
    • In the New 52 version of Wonder Woman, the Amazons of Themyscira sustain their population by kidnapping men, having sex with them, then killing them. Oh, and if the babies are male, they're sold into slavery. Needless to say, fans were not amused. Due to the outcry, this was retconned away with DC Rebirth.
  • It also appears in a The Incredible Hercules comic (the story told from #121-125). Amadeus Cho has an interest in Delphyne Gorgon, but she tells him that killing after mating is the custom of the women of her race.
  • Sort of appears with The Darkness, a magic power that is passed from father to son (the son gaining the power when he reaches), but the father dies upon conception: - could be argued to be part of this trope if she copulates with him fully cognizant of this.
  • Occurs with Jim Book in American Vampire. He becomes infected with a disease that will turn him into a vampire, so he persuades Abilena to shoot him. She agrees on the condition he impregnates her first.

    Fan Works 
  • Zim does this to Dib in the fanfiction ''Dib Reborn''. as you would have guessed from the title, Dib was reincarnated as Zim's son as a result.
  • Occurs in a Fanfiction story from Attack The Block called "After The Aliens".[1] After being acquitted of armed robbery, Moses marries Sam, gets her pregnant and then receives a gluteal lethal injection during coitus.

    Film Animated 
  • Kung Fu Panda 2: Master Mantis says he never had Daddy issues because his mother bit his father's head. He also claims to be looking forward to the day he has a similar demise.

    Film Live-Action 
  • MonsterVerse: Discussed a couple times in supplementary materials. In the Godzilla Aftershock graphic novel, Emma Russell theorizes that had the MUTO pair that featured in Godzilla (2014) succeeded in reproducing, the female MUTO probably would've killed the male, although Emma seems doubtful in this theory in light of Monarch's analysis of the MUTO Prime. The Godzilla vs. Kong novelization reveals that studies of the Skullcrawlers (who are driven by pure Horror Hunger due to their hyper-metabolism constantly keeping them on the brink of starvation) have indicated that copulations among the creatures tend to end this way.
  • Doing this is the whole MO of Sil from Species, seeing as her one goal is to reproduce, which she does by seducing as many men as possible in order to do so. And given how stunning she looks in her usual human form and how shamelessly she flaunts her sexuality, it's rather easy for her to lure men to bed - which ultimately leads them to their doom, unfortunately, as she kills them after mating or at least tries to. (It seems to be more out of instinct than malevolence, however.)

  • Occurs with the Re'em, a mythological biblical creature claimed to be associated with the Bible. According to the myth, there are only two Re'em in the world at one time. They meet every 70 years for mating. After conception, the female Re'em kills her partner with a single bite.
  • Sort of appears in Hans Staden's Wahre Geschichte (Book II: 29, 1974, p. 179). The man to be sacrificed is given a native woman until the sacrifice comes and the above reference says that if the native woman has a child by him, the child is raised until the age of sacrifice is reached, though the native partner isn't the sole perpetrator; rather, she is one of a crowd. This story is loosely revisited in the 1971 Brazilian film "How tasty was my little Frenchman", portraying the tupinambás tribe.
  • Occurs with the H'nemthe, characters from Star Wars Legends, who believe that a male killed after mating in this way would receive the ultimate spiritual reward by going on to the netherworld as spiritual guardian for his offspring, meaning that they didn't resist the certain death that would result from copulation. Felitipern Trevagg is an example of a male character who was part of this ritual.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Spinnetods from Grimm do this on account of their rapid aging, meaning that they have to become pregnant quickly so that the lineage doesn't die out.
  • On Forever Knight, it was said that for a vampire woman to conceive, she must have sex with a human male - and said male must die during the sex act.
  • The Taresians of Star Trek: Voyager are a One-Gender Race of females that mate with other humanoid species by implanting viruses in them that turn them into male Taresians, believing that there are long-lost children driven with the desire to return home. The mating process (a male is given three females as his wives) is deadly to the male, as they end up dying after mating with their wives.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Monster of the Week in "Teacher's Pet" is a She-Mantis which preys on male virgins: mating with them to fertilise her eggs and then killing them.
  • Babylon 5: Lampshaded in one episode when Sinclair notices a crewman eyeing an alien woman and tries to talk him out of it.
    "What are you? A bigot or something?"
    "No. But obviously you've never met an Arnasian before. After they finish, they eat their mate."
  • A variant in Supernatural: The Amazons are superficially human, all-female monsters who have children by human men; the children are born within a day of conception, age to adulthood in three days, and kill their fathers as a Rite of Passage. And that's how Dean — briefly — becomes a father.
  • As the World Turns' deranged Julia kidnapped her ex-husband Jack and raped him, desperate to replace the child she miscarried. Afterwards, she tied him up in his car and pushed it into a lake to finish him off (he survived, luckily).
  • V: Visitor queens mate only twice in their lives (once to produce more Queens, and once to produce another caste), and each time devour their mates to provide their eggs with nourishment. This is shown with Anna when she has her second and last mating in season one, and later with her spare Queen daughter's first mating in the series finale.
  • Subverted on Haven. Season one's "Ball and Chain" features a local woman who shapeshifts into a beautiful woman every Friday night, then seeks out men to seduce and impregnate her. The men rapidly age and die over the course of the extremely short gestation, but it's the babies that are killing their fathers, not the Troubled person.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Many of the female One-Gender Race monsters in Pathfinder do this, especially if they can be considered Cute Monster Girls, in order to warrant their Always Chaotic Evil label.
    • Harpies do this due to their messed up culture, which proclaims that unless a male can prove sufficiently powerful that it would be a waste to kill him after just one clutch, it's an act of shameful weakness for a harpy not to kill and eat the father of her daughters.
    • Jorogumos have a parasitic reproductive methodology, where after they conceive, they paralyze the father with venom and cocoon him, laying their eggs in his flesh so the hatchlings can have his body as their nourishment once they hatch.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, and derivatives like Pathfinder above, Hags often murder their lovers when they are done, unless they think it would be more fun to leave him alive afterwards.
    • Harpies doing this has also been mentioned in some editions of D&D.
  • In Ravenloft, Red Widows have the same reproductive methods as Pathfinder's Jorogumo.


    Video Games 
  • In the bad ending of Far Cry 3, Citra kills Jason after they have sex.
  • In Final Fantasy XIV, female kongamato, a species of flying insect as large as a horse, are known to devour their much smaller male suitors after mating with them. The B-Rank mark Gwas-y-neidr is an especially large and dangerous specimen on account of all of the mates she has devoured over the years.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • This is believed to happen with skeleton shrimps: - after mating, the female injects her partner with venom.
  • Also happens at times with scorpions, as they are cannibals in general.
  • Also known to happen with praying mantises and various species of spider, e.g. the redback spider, which actively participates in the process. The extent to which it is actually prevalent varies by species and circumstance, but with mantises especially is less common than many think.
  • Naturally, the black widow spider is notorious for this, which is how the Black Widow trope got its name. Like with mantises it does not happen all the time.