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Characters / Khatru

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The webcomic Khatru has seventeen major and minor characters.

Main Characters

Flynn St. Germain

Leonard Ranger

Kira Hicks

  • Insufferable Genius - "I'm, ooh, roughly 95% smarter than the rest of you guys!" [1]
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  • Imported Alien Phlebotinum - Kira claims to have reverse engineered alien technology. [2]

McKaela Frey

  • Cloud Cuckoolander - It seems like she's pulling information out of the air initially because she didn't tell the others she knew magic.

The Minor Characters

The Nerds - Ross Decker, Dale Voit and Nolan Piller


Ike Brady and Miles Hogan

  • The Quiet One - Miles. He's from Hong Kong, but his language skills are fine. He just doesn't respect anyone enough to talk to them.

Randi Asche

Leah Gooch

Lindsey Keefe

Gwendolyn Kern

Ben Cayce


Danny Chin


  • Emo Teen - He speaks in psuedo-poetic rants about how miserable everything is.

Tessa Roser