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Character sheet for Keychain of Creation.

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    The Original Four 

Misho (Twilight Caste Solar)
"I'm not used to not knowing something."

The intelligent, compassionate leader of the band and initiator of the quest. He has perfect memories of his life in the First Age, but no memory of his current life before Exaltation.

Marena of the Red Crescent (Changing Moon Caste Lunar, fox totem)

"There we go... Ready for a night out!"

Original Name: Ragara Marena
A flirtatious, fun-loving, confident woman who is much more than meets the eye.

Secret (Day Caste Abyssal)

"It's okay! I'm still not dead!"

Full Name: The Most Secret And Sorrowful Of The Bearers Of The Endless Destiny Of All Creation Which Wander Amidst Forgotten Sights And Fallen Tears Along The Tread Of Ancient Ashen Footsteps Through The Shadow Of That Which Comes And Into That Riotous Cacophony Which Births All Fools And Steals All Beauty, Who Heralds Through Her Silence The Stillness And Chill Of Those Who Were Not Born And Who Will Fade ‘Till All Things Fall And In That Most Grim Harvest Form The Final Restful Tomb Of All Awakened Life And All The Sleepless De- (At this point she collapsed.)
Original Name: Dernelle
A renegade Deathknight, formerly in service to the Silver Prince, who hasn't yet felt able to live up to her Exaltation.

Ten Winds (Air Aspect Terrestrial)


Formerly a monk in the Immaculate Order, who left because he grew disillusioned with the Order, and because he enjoyed the pleasures of the world a bit too much. At least, that's what he originally said. While it's true to an extent, he was originally an aide to the Bronze Faction as well, and a member of the Realm's Secret Police, the All-Seeing Eye. He left because he was tired of his life being a spy novel, not because he wanted to drink (which he probably did a lot of, being essentially James Bond). Taciturn, wry, resolute.

  • The Ace: Even for an Exalt, the guy is amazing at what he does.
  • The Alcoholic: Chronic drinking of fermented beverages helps him out in the conflict with Nova. Other times... not so much.
  • Amazon Chaser: Contrary to popular misconception, he does not know everyone in Creation, only the "powerful and attractive women."
  • The Big Guy: With several Immaculate dragon styles under his belt and centuries of experience kicking ass, he does more of the fighting than the Celestials in the circle. He's also the only one who can safely reveal his power when they enter the Blessed Isle.
  • Blow You Away: Sometimes combined with Shock and Awe and An Ice Person. Terrestrial Elemental Powers are generally more literal than in the game, due to the nature of the medium.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Averted and played straight. Imbibing some apparently pretty punchy stuff, including a strong sedative, does not seem to affect him. At other times he takes a swig and falls down. Then he sneaks off for a drink every other panel sometimes...
  • Defector from Decadence: Sort of. In another sense, a defector to decadence — Immaculate monks aren't allowed alcohol. Then played perfectly straight when we find out he wasn't really a monk.
  • Dynamic Entry: Flying on screen with a cry of Justice!
  • Expy: He's essentially what would happen if James Bond retired.
  • Old Master:
    • Badass enough that a Sidereal thinks twice before fighting him. Probably because he knows that particular Sidereal.
    • He's trained in, and is capable of teaching, several Celestial Martial Arts styles. Most Dragon Blooded never get around to learning even one.
    • He's a sorcerer on top of all that, as evidenced when he mentions offhandedly that he could teach Secret and Marena how to summon demons.
  • Papa Wolf: Strip #241. Nemen Yi may have ripped through Ben's entire band without breaking stride, but now she's made the mistake of threatening Secret, and Ten Winds is pissed.
  • The Quiet One: His comment on the situation is often "..."
  • Weak, but Skilled: Dragon-Blooded are the weakest of the Exalted, but Ten is easily one of the toughest characters in the comic. It helps that he's an elder.

    Allies and Associates 

Karen (Dawn Caste Solar)

"..." (does not speak)

Full Name: Ragara Karen
Marena's twin sister. She Exalted to save Marena from Immaculate Monks and later traded her voice to a demon to join the Silver Pact to be with her sister.

  • All Amazons Want Hercules: She's crushing on Ten Winds, one of the most powerful guys in this story.
  • Bandage Babe
  • BFS: Wields a sword so large it has a hinge halfway up the blade so it can be carried across the back. And when Misho conjured up a Humongous Mecha he borrowed it.
  • Big Sister Instinct:
    Marena: Karen had always felt it was her job to protect me.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: Has the same look as Marena, but acts much more calm and subdued. This turns out to be only skin-deep — her true personality fits the trope well, and becomes a plot point.
  • Dynamic Entry
  • Love Martyr: She has made a number of pretty significant sacrifices on her sister's behalf.
  • May December Desire: While she's not exactly loudly proclaiming her preferences, she's mentioned to have always liked older men.
  • The Quiet One
  • Sarashi: Under her vest. Fitting, since Dawn Caste are pretty close to being samurai.
  • Sixth Ranger
  • The Speechless


"[Treachery] is my nature; this is what I am. It is all I have that cannot be lost."

A shape-changing soulsteel weapon that travels with Secret but is only barely under her control.

  • And I Must Scream: Cluivnarihe herself seems to have been a Lunar Exalted, but the sword is also made with soulsteel forged from thousands of mortal ghosts, involving the usual eternal torment.
  • Empathic Weapon: Mostly, she's a jerk. A jerk with a literal heart and soul of steel and her own backstory. Then again, the love of her life and unlife did leave her behind with a barely-competent Abyssal.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: In life, it was her nature to turn and bite everyone, friend or foe. Kind of made it hard to make friends, until she met a Solar who enjoyed the challenge of defending himself from her. In death, she hasn't changed. Secret has to feed her blood to keep her "tame."
  • Jerkass: To Secret, at least, she's snarking and bitchy.
  • Morph Weapon: Usually she's a sword or bow, but she can theoretically be other things. Secret stores her as a belt.

Racer (Full Moon Caste Lunar, horse totem)

"Suddenly, my lady-sense is tingling!"

Marena's old teacher and, it seems, occasional lover.

    Servants of the First and Forsaken Lion 

They get a roll call on this page.

Resonance Ben (Midnight Caste Abyssal)

"Ah right, the eyes. Hey, who needs them, right?"

Full Name: The Conductor of the Cacophonic Steel Chorus.
Faux Affably Evil blind Musical Assassin.

Flame (Daybreak Caste Abyssal)

"I've got a bone to pick with you..."

Full Name: The Forgotten Flame of Endless Unmarked Years.
In the author's words: "[a] south-american-style mummy dishing out kung fu action." With soulsteel chainsaw-Khatars.

Five Waves' Fury (Full Moon Caste Lunar)

The "Admiral". Seems to have a thing for Flame.

Third Man Born In Readiness

In charge of "Equipment". Bros with Face.

Contagion of Sights

In charge of "Transport". Made an unknown delivery.

Face of the Final Reach

In Charge of "Guerilla" [sic]. Bros with Third.


Nova (Orichalcum Caste Alchemical)

"[...] I can make anyone into a demigod... piece by piece."

Full Name: The Elegant Nova of Progression.
A robotic Mad Scientist with cyborg mooks.

Blossom of Harmonious Ethers (Casteless Alchemical)

One of Nova's two Alchemical Henchmen. She prefers non-violent solutions to problems. Probably a Jade Caste Alchemical, but it's not explicitly said.

Unnamed Gunslinger Alchemical (Casteless Alchemical)

The other of Nova's two Alchemical Henchmen. A once-skilled human, he gave his service to Nova in exchange for exaltation, and handles things if combat is required. Probably a Jade Caste Alchemical, but it's not explicitly said.

  • Arm Cannon: A gun in each forearm.
  • Badass Cape: He wears a gunslinger's cape, and throws it off before he transforms.
  • Badass Gay: Marena's Smells Sexy fails to work on him for this reason.
  • Breath Weapon: In Clawstrider form, he breaths fire.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Him and Blossom. He doesn't talk much, and she's a pacifist. Though it's unknown how much he actually 'broods'.
  • Force and Finesse: If Blossom's persuasion fails, it's his gun's turn.
  • Made in Country X: Just like Blossom, he has the odd problem. Oops, there goes my head again.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Or in this case, gunslinger dinosaur robot. With a hat.
  • Nice Hat: Not only does he wear a cool hat, when he transformed into his clawstrider mode, he still wears it.
  • Transforming Mecha: Turns from a humanoid robot into a Clawstrider, a raptor-like dinosaur native to creation that runs at fast speeds. Only with guns. And fire breath.

Nemen Yi (Sidereal Chosen of Battles)

"I will judge as a warrior does."

Aria (God-Blooded)

"Lavish meals and fine drinks for everyone!"

Full Name: Sonorous Aria.
Marena and Karen's mother; Queen of Janara; daughter of Kuka-Rem, a god of machination and manipulation. A pleasant and gracious demeanor hides a mind as sharp and strong as a steel blade.

Consider, though, that one of the primary traits ascribed to her is a penchant for manipulation, so this discrepancy is hardly unexpected...

The King of Uncloaked Steel (Dusk Caste Abyssal)

"Stop running away, you pansies! It's only a little violent dismemberment!"

A Deathknight with an enormous appetite for combat and a violent disdain for people who have more power than puissance. Ex-servant of the Lion.

  • Blood Knight: He left Secret and Cluivnarihe because fighting with them as his side had become too easy.

Lady In The Untold Depth

One of the two Exalts the Silver Prince sent to fetch Secret.

The Mastah (Unknown Aspect Terrestrial)

A one-shot character that was rejected from the group, only to be given his own Spin-Off by another author.

God of Locks

A deity that was slain by a group of Exalted shortly after the Primordial War. His power was reforged into five not-Keyblades so that locks could continue to work in Creation.

Mew Cai

Full Name: Manse of the Ever Watchful Custodian Artificial Intelligence.
A construct left to watch the manse the group travels to in the beginning of the comic.

Fair Folk brothers

A pair of Fair Folk that command an army of goblins. They were attacking a small village near the Wyld until the group forced them to stop.

Unknown Sidereal (Sidereal Chosen of Journeys)

A beleaguered Sidereal that was first shown bringing Ten Winds a horse in comic 108. Has appeared several times since, talking to Ten, his Sifu, and Nemen Yi.

Resch Dan (Full Moon Caste Lunar, now presumably a chimera)

Misho's Lunar mate, holder of the Moonsilver key. Survived the Usurpation, but not without cost. His status is kept hidden from Misho by Marena.


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