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Misho is a Body Snatcher.
When he ripped out his heart to forge the sword, he actually bound his exaltation into the sword, and stuck it in something King Arthur style. Then when someone tries to lift the sword & meets the right qualifications they "Exalt" as Misho. He was far into the Great Curse effects at the time, so it doesn't just give them his memories & power. No-one would every be able to do as much good with his power as he could, so his soul actually overrides & overwrites their entire personality, memory, appearance, & identity. Current Misho's body was once a Scavenger Lord looking for treasure. What he is is so antithetical to his values that he's repressed all knowledge of what he did, so he really thinks he returned the normal way. This is also why he didn't take the sword with him.

Five Waves Fury is the incarnation of Misho's First-Age Lunar companion.
Exactly what I said.
  • Jossed, I think, by this comic. Though it would've been pretty funny.

The First and Forsaken Lion is not trying to free the Yozis.
Why would he? His mission as a Deathlord is to bring about the end of the world. The Yozis want to rule the world. It states quite clearly in the Infernals material and fluff that The Thing Infernal's ultimate objective is incompatible with the Deathlord's. Once the Yozis are free The First and Forsaken Lion is doomed to failure! So what is it that the First and Forsaken Lion really wants with the keys?
  • He would have the power to release them, and if he didn't want to do that, there's also the power to unlock or open anything else he feels like. Useful, no?
    • Especially when the Lion is locked in his armour as a punishment, and Abyssal fluff states his ultimate goal is to free himself and take revenge on the Neverborn for that humiliation.
      • The Demon City isn't exactly "under death".
Nemen Yi: Under death [...] cages open.
  • Based on some Word of God I don't feel like locating at the moment, the keys in the hands of a clever enough person are basically omnipotence. I believe the power for having all of them was something along the lines of "the ability to do anything you can even vaguely phrase in terms of words like 'lock' or 'key.'" Who wouldn't want that?
  • In other words, think Yakumo Yukari. Minor looking power (unlocking, manipulation of boundaries) can be used in really broken circumstances. For example: The Deathlords cannot die; therefore you might say they are bound - or maybe, *locked* - to life. Therefore the Deathlords can be killed by someone with all five keys. Which makes you wonder how the God of Locks was killed in the first place...
  • The god's power was enhanced and purified when it was reforged as the Keys. Like how animal hide is tougher once it has been treated and cured as leather.

It's likely is me being too suspicious... but have you noticed Ten Wind's green eyes, his beard, and the insistence to keep his hat on at all times? I think... Ten Winds DOESN'T exist! It's a resplendent destiny worn by none other than Chejop!
  • Maybe, just maybe, Chopshop got so stoned out of his shell, he thought it'd be funny to create a resplendant destiny and follow some PCs around. He's gonna wake up tomorrow with such a hangover and shout; "I did what?, you CAN'T revoke my bronze faction membership, I'm Chejop F*** ing KEJAK!"
    • Silly, Ten Winds is merely a Wood-Air hybrid DB. This explains his green eyes and white... color scheme?
    • But wouldn't that need ike silly solar circle spells or SMA?
      • Actually there's a canonical spell for that at Terrestrial level sorcery, well within the reach of a Sidereal.
    • Nah, he's really the Silver Pimp in disguise...keeping an eye on the Abyssal he had so much fun with while she was in Abyssal Camp.

Here is my suspicion!
Marena is Secret's Lunar mate and back in the first age, they had a shitty relationship. Why do you think they keep going at it?
  • Oh, most definitely. Extra points for that one, since it implies the possibility of lesbianism. :D
  • While we're at it, Fury and Flame are the same way, and got along muchbetter.
  • "Oh, but she's so cute. let's keep her." Evidence for this one on Page 1?

King of Uncloaked Steel, through Cluivnarihe, is secretly orchestrating everything.
You have stumbled upon the truth! Now I will have you slain for your silence. You're not very familiar with the way Abyssals carry out their conspiracies, are you? :P
  • I theorize that Cluivnarihe is, in fact, the King of Uncloaked Steel, whom is using awesome abyssal ninja powers to take its form.
    • If he were a pirate ninja, his power would know no bounds!

We will not make comments until Jukashi admits that Ten Winds is a Neverborn.
  • No dude, you're doing it wrong. I postulate that Ten Winds is a neverborn. There's piles of evidence hidden in the comic. This theory is ireffutable, as Jukashi will now surely confirm.
    • By gods, you're right! His eternal and remorseless hunger will surely consume us all!!!
      • Only if he doesn't get enough booze.

Misho and Mew Cai
Obviously, the reason Misho is so attached to Mew Cai is because Misho was actually Mew Cai and Mew Cai was Misho in the First Age. This explains things rather nicely considering Marena's hair pattern and the motive in Ten Winds' joining the troupe have shown rather odd plot inconsistencies so far. This is why he can't remember anything from before his Exaltation and Secret inherited her parent's pendant.

Misho is a robot clone
Maybe Misho was crafted by Thrice-Radiant as his next incarnation on purpose or something. Empty head for all of the memories.
  • Maybe it was Elegant Nova of Progression's doing? She did make that odd comment to Misho that "You really do deserve to be called my s-* TWACK* "

Secret's underwear
I say that Secret's underwear was a thong. Black thong. With skull lace.
  • You sure it's not something frilly with white skulls all over it? :D
  • White teddy bear skull.
  • Hello Dead Kitty.
  • With her outfit and the comments from Marena, I'd have to say a simple black thong. No lace, no nothing.
  • I think it is something baroque that totally does not match the rest of her clothes.
  • I was thinking it was a chastity belt until she called it underwear.
    • So her underwear is simultaneously made of leather, frilly and thongs and has Dead Hello Kitty motifs.
      • So, would that make them Hello Schrodinger's Kitty undies?

Who's who unifying theories
Marena is Mew Cai. And Misho is robosexual. Also Ten Winds is an Air-Aspected DB.
  • The other two I could possibly believe, perhaps, but that last one? WAAAAAAAAAAAY too ludicrous. It's never gonna happen.
  • Why does Ten Winds feel responsible for Contagion dead? Is he perhaps not actually what he claims to be???
    • Or maybe he is, and is actually that old. Dragonblooded can certainly use a number of methods to extend their lives...
      • He is obviously a repentant Deathlord in disguise. Jukashi, please confirm.
      • Your powers of perception are uncanny, sir, for this is the utter truth!
      • This cannot be, for he is truly a Sidereal! Ney, all the Sidereals, swapping out the same Resplendent Destiny!
  • I think Ten Winds is actually the Shinma of Time who infiltrated Creation in order to topple the system of currency with its own hands due to a personal vendetta dating as old as the rise of House V'neef. Or maybe he's just a pair of Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers. Explains how he fights so well.
    • Isn't he an ex-Immaculate Monk Dragon-Blood?
      • How the heck did you come up with that? That's, like, so far-fetched.
      • Yeah, silly me, he's probably the Unconquered Sun puttin' around for shits and giggles.
  • Ten Winds is actually the Violet Bier of Sorrows. The building.
  • New fan theory: Ten Winds is a CONSTRUCT! * cackleflee*
    • Of course! That explains why he doesn't take the hat off. It's to hide all the levers and suchlike!
      • Obviously Ten Winds is an Air-aspected Fair Folk. Explains how he didn't want to intervene Misho destroying the Fae in that one issue and how he doesn't respond to titles such as Terrestrial or Dragon-Blooded.
      • That or he's an Ice Mind that found a way to kill and take over the body of a terrestrial ;)
  • New theory: ten Winds is a Dragon King. :D The hat hides the horns.
    • No you fool, Ten Winds is Jukashi's shameless SI.
  • Ten Winds is a First Age Lunar.
    • No, no, I've got it! Ten Winds is actually... An Air-Aspected Immaculate Master!
      • Psh, get out. * Eye-roll* Your kind of theories aren't welcome here.
  • The Sidereal Key is the Wagon.
  • As I've said before, Ten Winds is Autochthon.
  • Obviously Ten Winds is the resplendency of Faen Luif (or her current incarnation, at least, per the wall of text strip a while back), who's sticking with Misho in order to keep watch over the Orichalcam key as well as her own.
    • Good call. Now the question is, is Ten Winds a Reaper Daiklave or a regular Daiklave?
  • As I said before, Ten Winds is Autochthon—or even one of his sub-souls. The point still holds. This explains a lot of things, such as him being made of ice, him feeling responsible for the Contagion-dead Dragon-Blooded, being a chain-smoking drunkard who manages to do a lot of things in really short time, and so on. This even explains why Secret gained weight over the last a few months she's been with the troupe, which should be impossible given that she's actually a ghost brainwashed to believe that she's a Deathknight, dispatched by Eye and Seven Despairs to moliate into a deathly portal the moment Misho collects the Keys of Creation together and snatch it from his control with a legion of dump trucks. Made of undead polar bears and piloted by books. That bleed light bulbs when cut. You know everything makes sense now. My interpretation of the comic has been validated.
    • Damn, you figured it out. Might as well not continue with the comic, now.
      • Damnit Rocketbilly! If there's no comic come Monday morning, I'n holding you responsible! Do you fools see what your Wild Mass Guessing causes? DO YOU?!
      • No, no, it wasn't him! It was the epileptic trees that did it!
      • Ouch! Stop throwing around memes and tropes! Those hurt if they hit you at high speed!
  • You do realize that he agrees with every theory anyone ever comes up with, right? Besides, everyone knows Ten Winds is actually not a Dragon-Blooded or a Sidereal, but an Infernal using high Essence Larceny Charms to mimic being a Terrestrial. * winks*
    • Technically, Ten might be an Infernal using Black Mirror Shintai to copy a very old, very self-denying air-aspect terrestrial who has the Motivation of 'KEEL ANATHEMA.'
    • It's all true!
      • See what I mean? I could have said that Marena has bones made of Chiaroscuro glass, or that Secret is Ten Wind's daughter. I'd have gotten the same response. That's what makes speculating so much fun, though. If Jukashi quit, we'd probably track him down and give him a wedgie or something.
  • The Infernal Key is actually Joe Biden's insurance plan.
    • No, no, see... The thing is...Misho is actually his own ancestory, and Secret his long-lost cousin - as is Marena (and Karen). Ten Winds is Marena's great-uncle. They're all related to Thrice-Radiant Misho.
  • The infernals don't get a key because they use combination locks.
    • The Ebon Dragon claims to know the combination. He doesn't.
  • Nova was actually the Elemental Dragon of Wood back then but she grew up.
    • Why must you unravel all my plots!?
      • Because I can't draw.
    • Haven't you figured it out? He's an Abyssal Pattern Spider.
  • Waaaiiiit. Has anyone suggested that Ten might be Eclipse caste? I mean, think about it. He's shown Terrestrial and Sidereal tendencies. Eclipses can mime both. He's old. He has old knowledge. A First Age Eclipse would be very old. He is a little crazy. Eclipses are not sane.
    • O Oh. Maybe he's a Deathlord. Or a disguised Dragon King. "My god, man, your disguise... you're three feet shorter! How do you DO that?"
'"Special shoes."''
  • Ten Winds is obviously the only surviving Ten Winds Exalted in the Second Age.
    • So would Ten be his Exaltation and Winds his caste, or vice versa? Or is he a Mahjongg exalt from the Winds clan, Ten being his personal rank?
      • You're both wrong. Ten Winds is obviously the Chosen of Chuck Norris!
      • No, Chosen of Bruce Lee!
      • Ten Winds is the sole Chosen of Ten Winds. Only he can do his own awesomeness justice...pardon, "Justice!"
  • Sheesh, people! Ten Winds is obviously an Immaculate Monk under the influence of Five Days Darkness using a Ride Charm.
It explains every Martial Arts maneuver he has ever used, every piece of First Age lore he seems to have known and everything he does to put the Celestials back into power. This way they owe him a bunch of favors and he gets to become an official Yu-Shan god and maybe even find a way to withstand being around his brother. He just wants a turning of the Age family reunion. Get a Solar to summon Liger and the whole family can sit around getting drunk and playing the Games of Divinity.
  • Le' Gasp! Thats why he joined up with Misho! Misho is already a Celestial Sorcerer, Ten-Days Darkness is just trying to get him to jump up a level! Jukashi, you mad genius! Excalmation!
  • Secret's actually a Raksha and her tattoo is her Grace, isn't it?
  • Evidence for all the Ten-isn't-Terrestrial theories: here. Subtle, but noticable- in panel three, he says "The Dragon-Blooded" and says "them" and "their", implying he isn't one of them.
    • He's implying he's not one of them, as in the ones that are doing horrible things. Say you're an American philosopher commenting on Americans being gun obsessed, over-patriotic idiots, (Example, not actual belief.) you refer to said Americans as them, not us. Otherwise, you are implying that you yourself are a gun obsessed, over-patriotic idiot.
  • Karen is Marena's solar mate. I mean, she exalted saving Marena's life and they don't need to have that kind of relationship.

What does Ten Winds know?
Something interesting occurs to me: how did Ten Winds know about the five original Lunar castes? The Immaculate Order was founded AFTER the Breaking of the Castes. While it's possible it came up in conversation with Marena or Misho, I somehow think he has some special access to such rare First Age knowledge. Like not being a Terrestrial. Like being a Sidereal. Because he is.
  • Of course he is. How would any Terrestrial, particularly one who was involved with the Wyld Hunt and who has had centuries of adventures in a world littered with remnants of the First Age, know anything about the other kinds of Exalted? That would be completely impossible. I guess I should have tried to conceal it better.

Misho's Origins - REVEALED!
Okay, check it. I know what happened to Misho. He is the original Thrice-Radiant Misho...'s copy.

When the Usurpation was coming down like ten thousand tons of bricks, a Sidereal who disagreed vehemantly - maybe one very personally intimately connected with Misho, who felt he was certainly not worth the wrath that he was about to recieve, or perhaps one who simply believed that this treason was wrong, decided to 'save' him in the only way she could. She used Draw Forth One Shard, one of the high-level Obsidian Shards of Infinity Charms, to duplicate him, choosing the 'Shard learns everything the original learns' choice. Then the duplicate was rendered swiftly unconcious, and hidden as the Usurpation came down like a thousand tons of bricks. The original Thrice-Radiant Misho is killed, and she decides to hide her Misho copy very, very well - along with Eternal Dawn. She set him up to awaken at some time in the distant future, and the difference from the original was in his Essence trait - essentially, she dropped him back to a very low Essence score, which also robbed him of most of his Charms and any ability scores he would have needed the high Essence to sustain.It explains him effectively having Past Lives (5) (he doesn't, because this is still technically his first life, but it's as much the same as no nevermind) and having no memory of his mortal life before he Exalted the second time (because he didn't - he's a shard-copy of the first Thrice-Radiant Misho.)

It's possible even that his proper Exaltation Shard came back - with the original dead, once it was freed from the Jade Prison, it was tricked into believing it was already there, and so it needed to move - thus, there's no uncomfortable metaphysical questions like "couldn't you use this to dupe Exalts you like?" (or at least none that need to be addressed now.)

And before someone says "But Misho has a reflection," We Don't Know That. It might be true that he does, but again, is sidestepped by "he has the original's Exaltation Shard, which might even have carried his original High Soul with it," mumbo-jumbo (it's Exalted; this kind of thing can happen,) or it might be that he doesn't, actually, have a reflection.

(Why yes, I have been reading Scroll of the Monk and cackling to myself imagining all the funinity one could have with that nugget of a charm.)

Misho's true identity,he's trying too much to hide it so it's obvious he is..
Honestly it's too easy,he's too nice,too toughtful,too much of a intellectual,not interested in women,carrying about others,different charms even a custom made one to seem like a different caste.Make no mistake there once was a Thrice Radiant Misho, and he would die of shame if he knew that his identity has been stolen by Desus,the king of bastards himself.I don't even want to think what he did to Lilith so that she doesn't break character as Marena, The Unconquered Sun damn him to hell.
  • He has the Heart of Tears Limit Break. Either he's who he says he is or Desus has done a lot of soul-searching (and don't think he's faking it-Desus in the First Age would never pick a Flaw that would have forced him to act like a wimp). Come to think of it, the latter explanation could also explain why he stole Misho's identity-he really, really wants to start over.

The Chosen of Battles is a gender-swapped Roxas.
She dual-wields keyblades, one of which could justifiably be referred to as the Key of Destiny. She has spiky, vaguely brownish (arguably orange, but whatever) hair. Since she's a Sidereal, once she leaves, no one will remember she was there. You could even argue that, because of how the Sidereals work and what they do, she could accurately be described as a Nobody. Kingdom Hearts characters travel to new worlds all the time, some of which are even more physically improbable than Creation. And sometimes their appearances even change to forms appropriate to the new world, which may account for the gender discrepancy.

So, now we know what really happened to Roxas. He didn't disappear back into Sora. He was recruited by the Crimson Panoply of Victory.

I've Got It!
Ten Winds is secretly the Scarlet Empress, and the thing the Ebon dragon is marrying is Roseblack!The Roseblack in the books is actually a high essence Infernal Martial Artist, who's going around beating up all the enemies of the empire for their lootz, so he can get himself a nice wedding gift.
  • I'm torn between wanting this to be true to see what happens and being absolutely horrified at the suggestion.

Secret is Marena's oldest daughter who "died" in the plague

They look close enough alike to disguise themselves as one another. And I'll be damned if a 262 doesn't have a heavily parental vibe to it.Secret's a death night so she look's juuuuuust different a enough to pass for someone else, no sweat means her scent has got a to be radically different, and of course, Marena thinks she's dead, so she'll have a hard time recognizing her daughter.We know that the silver prince did something "horrible" to Secret, which is probably whay she can't remeber her mother.Finally, two of the people at the interview montage had reasons for being there, (Ten Winds and his Sidreal student/friend) had actually reasons for being there deliberately so secret may be the third.

  • Apparently jossed, since Marena didn't seem to react to Secret's father's name when he's summoned.

Sonorous Aria will be killed by Sidereals.
As a Manipulative Bastard to the core, she allowed Marena's son to be taken by the Sidereals because it suits her purposes. Particularly when it comes to getting under Marena's skin and trying to steer her towards what Aria wants from her. But this particular move will come back to bite her when her attempts to manipulate the Sidereals as well blow up in her face, leading to her horrible death. As one last bit of manipulation, her demise may cause a mourning Marena to do exactly what she wished of her anyway.
  • I hope this'll happen. I've managed to gather a lot of loathing for Aria.

The yellow-clad Sidereal working with Yi is Marena's son.
He's a young Sidereal and we know Marena's son has to become important somehow beyond just being a Conflict Ball.
  • He showed in strip 108 just to sell them a horse. Maybe he was weirded out by the idea of his mother pulling a cart?
  • Damnit, beat me to this theory. The hair matches up with the daughter we see during the Thorns attack, eyes change as a result of Sidereal Exaltation, the skin color's lighter than the daughter's but we don't actually know what the dad looks like so it might be possible to vary a fair bit there, and it certainly lines up with Aria's little bit of info. He also seems a lot shorter than Nemen Yi so he seems younger which kind of gave the 'son' vibe in the first place.

Everyone except Ten is The Green Lady.
Think about it: have you ever seen them and her in the same place at once?

Secret is Marena's daughter.
Along the lines of the WMG two above this, proto-Secret was killed by the Undead as she attempted to escape from Thorns, but was offered the opportunity to return to life as one of the Deathknights. This explains why she looks so young (She was exalted before she was fully grown), the timing isn't too unreasonable, and it's the sort of plot twist that this comic, and Exalted in general, loves.
  • Apparently jossed, since Marena didn't seem to react to Secret's father's name when he's summoned.

Misho Was Tutored in Sorcery By Chejop Kejak
That "Whoops" line was a contraction of him saying: "Wait. So I found this obviously backstabbing man that I knew deep down I shouldn't have trusted, but I still learned from him, and now, I learn he masterminded my country's demise? Dammit, he's probably implanted my shard with a sentient spell that constantly reports on my position to him..."
  • No, it was the other way around. I propose the Misho was the one who taught Chejop. Wouldn't you say "Whoops." if you realize what someone you taught had done?
    • I like my theory better, as it is crazy enough to be confirmed by Jukashi.

The other three Abyssals in Lion's Service:
  • Third Man Born In Readiness is Moonshadow Caste. He's using the Moonshadow caste power to learn out-of-splat Charms to take Alchemical Charms (such as his seemingly-robot eye). He handles Equipment for similar reasons: the ability to interpret anything. His name combined with his low Essence may indicate that he's the third holder of his Shard since the Lion acquired it.
  • Contagion of Sights is, obviously, Day Caste. She is the newest of them ("don't you know me well enough yet?"). She may or may not be Marena's daughter. Might have a stealthy airship for no reason other than the classic anime goggles look.
  • Face Of The Final Reach is Dawn Caste, augmenting combat skill with Survival and Stealth - may jump out at the group later when we (the audience) think only Flame, Ben, Fury, and Sights are after them. Probably male, due to the designation as Third Man's "bro," but never underestimate the power of no gendered pronouns. Clearly has Essence of 4+ , and as such may be more dangerous than Ten in a fight. Under that mask, Face has probably gone the high-Appearance route (note the name), due to Jukashi's penchant for random surprises.
    • More dangerous than Ten Winds? Preposterous.

Secret's parent is, or is linked to, a No Moon Lunar.
Very simple argument here: Her parent had that silver circle pendant before Secret did, and it looks just like the Caste Mark.
  • Day Caste Abyssals and Night Caste Solars also have a hollow circle as their Caste Mark.
    • True, but it's silver. Fairly tenuous, I know, but hey...

There's already an openly Sidereal member of the group.
But thanks to Arcane Fate all the readers have forgotten about him/her by the end of each page.

Five Wave's Fury is Flame's lunar mate
Who else would stick up for him in front of the First and Forsaken Lion?

Karen is Kallen from Code Geass.
Based on the fact that they look suspiciously alike. At some point, as a child (during a period where Marena didn't see her very much), she was bamfed to the Geass-verse, lost her memory, went through the events of the series, then came back afterwards. That's why Kallen is such a Badass Normal - she was a budding Exalted.

One of Ten Winds knows (or knew) The Scarlet Empress
Attractive? Check. Powerful? Check. Female? Check.

Secret has a plan.
Why is Secret so obsessed with Dodge Charms? She plans to become so good at them to dodge her ties to deathlord, and thus not have to destroy Creation!

"It's all true!"— Padraig O'Ruanai/Jukashi

"nooooo my scheme"— Padraig O'Ruanai/Jukashi

Misho does remember life before Exaltation.
It's just something he wants to forget. Maybe he was an assassin, a mercenary, a would-be world conquerer, someone who took his ideals to far, or a Libertarian. Something that would preclude trusting him if anyone knew.
  • Misho was Frank Miller. That ought to explain his adversion to blood and casual sex.

Misho is actually a Fiend.
My hypothesis is that Misho is actually a Fiend caste Infernal, using a custom upgrade to Black Mirror Shintai to impersonate Thrice-Radiant Misho. This custom Charm allows him to imitate beings of higher Essence than himself, but limits him to what they would be able to do at the user's essence level. Fiend!Misho's obvious purpose is to gather together all of the Keys in order to free his Yozi masters, using a group of Exalted dupes to accomplish his purpose. The fact that Misho willingly gave a Key to a Sidereal seems to go against this theory, but taking the Lotus Massacre as canon, it seems possible that this was simply done to allay suspicion, since the Key would be quite easy to achieve once the Sidereals were killed or weakened.

There is a Gold Faction Sidereal traveling along with the party
However, by the time the story is actually told, all memory of them has faded. The actions they've taken are remembered as coincidence, and their very presence is omitted.

Secret's redemption from Death Knight to Solar will come when she attacks a Death Lord to protect Marena
For extra badass points, Secret will dual wield Cluivnarihe and the Great Sword of Vitality after mastering Water Dragon Style, and one hit KO Resonance Ben. Extra extra points if the Death Lord in question is The Dowager or The Lover for the classic line:
Secret:Get the hell away from her, YOU BITCH!!!

Misho and Marena's players obviously form the core of the group, having imported their characters from a past campaign. (Misho's player may actually be the Storyteller, which would explain why Misho is so twinked out and has the closest connection to the plot.) The Terrible Interviewees Montage at the beginning represents Secret and Ten's players having their initial character concepts rejected by the Storyteller. The "...I'm an Immaculate Master!" guy was Ten's player's first choice; he improved his backstory and optimized the character a bit to make Ten. Similarly, Misho told the girl with the Essence Cannon to put some dots in Stealth; so the player did, in order to make Secret. Karen is a later addition to the group, given a (previously never mentioned) prior relationship with Marena to justify her joining the quest so late. The Nova arc was the result of the Storyteller picking up an Alchemicals sourcebook.

In Real Life, one or more of the following may be the case:

  • Marena and/or Secret's players are actually male (they both seem like the sort of characters a male gamer might stereotypically create; the busty, cheerily oversexed woman and the cute loli-goth).
  • Misho's player is female.
  • Secret and Marena's players are dating/experiencing UST.
  • Misho and Marena's players are dating/experiencing UST.
  • Karen's player is Marena's player's actual sister/friend and/or Ten's player's girlfriend.
    • Secret was the first interviewed and accepted character, making the Essence Cannon girl unlikely Secret's old character.
      • Whoops. Maybe the player submitted both at once, and went for the Stealthy one.

Misho is an Akuma.
Admittedly, this is a rather tenuous theory, and it's all based based on a single comic #38. Secret notes that there are a "few hundred" of these locator cards, and "half of them are broken." Now, given that a locator card breaks when the thing it tracks is destroyed or fundamentally changed, and only a few significant things in the Exalted world come in hundreds, it's reasonable to speculate that those cards were tracking the Solar exaltations themselves. The broken ones are the fallen shards now in the hands of the Yozis and the Neverborn.The theory that Misho is an Akuma comes from his answer: "I'd tell you, but I'm not even allowed to tell you why I can't tell you." This implies that he knows exactly what they are and what happened to them, and this is suspicious given that his entire schtick is (allegedly) not remembering anything since his death in the First Age. Additionally, we know from earlier strips that he lacks a basic working knowledge of Abyssals. Finally, there's his extraordinary power level. While he's not as strong as his First Age incarnation (Mew Cai noted that seemed "less") he does have an unusually high number of abilities ("How many damn Merits do you have?") which is consistent with the theory, given that the Yozis bestow quite a bit on extra power on Exalts that join them.Finally, there's the fact of his collection of the Keys in the first place. They already have one key, and a sidereal of Mars has another (though she is, admittedly, fearful of her ability to ensure it's perpetual safety) and the Yozis being released is only a possibility when the keys are brought together.

Resonance Ben's charm will end up biting him in the ass someday
Now I'm not an Exalted player, so I'm not sure if this could even happen, but what I imagine is that the heroes (or one of the sidereals) will figure out a way to basically lockdown his ability to actually release his resonance, and then begin repeatedly shouting his name to build his resonance up until it kills him.
  • Resonance does not work like that. While it can harm the Death knight in question, it never harms them lethally. usually it causes milk to curdle, fire to burn odd colors, stigmata, animals to drop dead(think when the Bird died and landed on secret) or for Bad things to happen to the Abyssal's loved ones. also, resonance is partially caused by Abyssals internalizing the Dark miracles they are supposed to be causing, and they can trigger it's release at will, though with little control of how it manifests, so he could easily just vent it before it grew to high.

The OTP of the series will actually be...
Misho and Secret.For no real reason other than it sounds like it would be cute.

The reason Misho is so weak is because of the Blade of Vitality
Here mentions that Misho ripped out his power and forged it into the sword. Therefore, when he regains the sword, he'll be as powerful as he's supposed to be. Stronger, actually, with the whole eternal life and immunity to creatures of death thing. He'll be able to bitchslap the First and Forsaken Lion.

Every character is a Sidereal.
Except Nemen Yi, who is Szoreny pretending to be the Green Lady in disguise as Mirror Flag.

One of Marena's missing daughters will turn up as a Dragon-Blood.
Specifically, a Fire Aspect.
  • If this is because all of Marena's family are some sort of Exalted then her grandfather already qualifies. Granted, that does mean she will be also qualified to Exalt as such.
  • Marena and Karen are way too old to Exalt as Dragon-Bloods. They've passed the window (besides becoming Celestials). But her youngest daughter disappeared when she was still young enough to Exalt, and Marena's husband was apparently Dragon-Blooded.

There will be a major crossover with Lunar Quest.
Saulanna's earlier appearance was foreshadowing

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