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Foxier than Fox himself.

As we all know, cunning, wiles, and craftiness, and sometimes aggressiveness have been the fox's bread and butter in most fiction. Being the guileful tricksters they are, foxes have been portrayed as having a talent for conning and outsmarting others for their own ends throughout history, to the point that the word "fox" today is basically synonymous with slyness.

But when they aren't being portrayed as sneaky, thieving scoundrels, these animals have a major association with another specific, yet entirely different set of characteristics in fiction: attractiveness, sexuality, and feminine beauty. The result is that whenever there is a fox in a World of Funny Animals — or a character with fox motifs in a work where animal motifs are commonplace — they will more likely than not be the most attractive and/or sexualized character in the work, often with a flirtatious, seductive, and/or promiscuous personality. As the title implies, many examples tend to be female more often than male, but it is also possible to find a fair number of male examples.

The exact origins of this Animal Stereotype are yet unclear. However, there are generally two main influences behind it. The first has to do with everyday slang; in the English language, the word "fox" and "vixen" are figuratively used to describe any person who is particularly attractive or sexy, the latter referring specifically to a female Head-Turning Beauty. This creates a massive potential for a Visual Pun when the work features a fox character, and one often too clever for creators to pass up. Meanwhile, the second influence comes from how vulpines, compared to the rest of the canid family, tend to be considered "feminine" animals thanks to their lean appearance, graceful mannerisms, and seemingly dignified demeanor. Not to mention their puffy tails, which can easily bring to mind the image of a beautiful woman in a fur coat. This puts foxes in an uncannily similar situation to cats, another family of animals which are widely sexualized in fiction for the same reasons. note 

The association between vixens, sexuality, and femininity is stronger in East Asian countries such as Japan, albeit for somewhat different reasons. The Kitsune and its cultural counterparts in China and Korea share a reputation as Shapeshifting Seducers who tempt mortals by transforming into beautiful women (or handsome pretty boys), and women with pointed chins and slanted eyes forming a "V" — often called "kitsune-faced" — are regarded as sexy in Japan. Because of this, there is frequently significant overlap between portrayals of kitsune and this trope.

When paired with the fox's stereotypical penchant for trickery, the combination will usually result in The Vamp or a Femme Fatale of sorts. Since most fictional foxes are red foxes, Redheads Are Ravishing can come into play as well.

For this trope's feline equivalent, see Sexy Cat Person; it is not uncommon for both tropes to appear in a work simultaneously because of the reasons mentioned above. See also Snakes Are Sexy and Seductive Spider for more examples of specific animals being interpreted as sexy. Not related to Silver Fox, which is about attractive-looking old people, although that trope's name also comes from the association between foxes and good looks. A subtrope of Fox Folk.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Digimon Tamers: Renamon — Rika's digimon partner — is a feminine, anthropomorphic kitsune-like fox whose shapely Hartman Hips are quite hard for viewers to ignore, and she (or an androgynous "he", depending on the dub) is occassionally shown to be a Dude Magnet a few times.
  • In Fate/EXTRA manga spinoff CCC Foxtail, Suzuka Gozen is a beautiful, flirtatious fox-woman who's nonetheless loyal to her Master. It's actually invoked by her, as she thinks that the fox ears and tail make her cuter (comparing herself to fellow vixen Tamamo-no-mae, her "rival" of sorts); she actually isn't a kitsune, she just adds the ears and tail with her magic.
  • The Helpful Fox Senko-san is about a demi-goddess kitsune who goes down to earth to help an Unlucky Salaryman and make his life more comfortable. They became a Chastity Couple, but her other kitsune friends aren't as chaste as her and try to flirt with the protagonist all throughout the series.
  • The main plot of Kanokon is about a kitsune disguised as a schoolgirl who falls in love with a Celibate Second Year Protagonist who's very shy, which gets him into trouble whenever he's around her, as she's very flirtatious and sexual towards him (bordering on hentai in certain scenes).
  • Invoked with Love Hina's character Mitsune Konno, the elder girl of Keitaro Urashima's Unwanted Harem, who's known for being flirtatious with men, especially Keitaro himself. Because of this, the word play, and the fact that she rarely opens her eyes, she has the Punny Name of "Kitsune," and is shown in Super-Deformed mode and fanarts alike with fox ears and tail.
  • In Pom Poko many of the kitsune have adapted to human encroachment by transforming into sultry club hosts.
  • A staple of Sho Shibamoto's works; any vulpine Funny Animal will almost always be a slender, attractively-drawn vixen who provides most of the fanservice, depicted with either big breasts, revealing outfits, or both.
  • Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! features the Fushimi sisters, three ancient fox spirits from Kyoto trying out modern high school life. All three are very attractive, with middle sister Tamamo instantly becoming a School Idol in more ways than one. Eldest sister Tenko is the mature and sexy one, posing as a teacher and regularly flirting with (almost) anyone within reach.
  • Kyubi from Yo-kai Watch is a KidAnova version of this. He's a young kitsune who can turn into a young Long-Haired Pretty Boy. He's a Chick Magnet to most girls, with Katie being his one exception.

    Asian Animation 
  • The North Korean propaganda cartoon Squirrel and Hedgehog features the American Lt. Fox Vixen as one of the antagonists. She's also a Gorgeous Gaijin, symbolizing American women as being sly and overly sexual.

    Comic Books 
  • Albedo: Erma Felna EDF plays a bit with this trope with two Vulpine characters:
    • In the regular continuity, we have Dea-Htuhok Kho, who is a member of the local government of the planet from which the titular heroine was being sent as a result of her actions in a previous battle. While she is indeed beautiful and intelligent, she doesn't attempt to do anything underhanded by her own means, and the only reasons why she ended being promoted as the secretary of the local homeguard in replacement of the previous one was because her boss was arrested for murdering a scheming businessman who caused chaos in the planet.
    • Another Vulpine girl is Maria, a musician from a side-story apart from the main continuity, who is very sexy-looking, at least for the viewers, but oddly enough, the rest of the cast completely ignores her looks.
  • Justice League of America: Crimson Fox — the shared superhero identity of Vivian and Constance d'Aramis — has this as her main motif; a gorgeous, fox-themed Heroic Seductress in Sensual Spandex who manipulates men using a combination of her own sex appeal and the ability to produce pheromones. Vivian in particular also has a thick French accent to top it off.
  • Fiona Fox in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) is an attractive fox who is first seen in a Leotard of Power with short shorts, then in a midriff-baring leather outfit after turning evil.
  • Tank Vixens, as the title suggests, has a main cast entirely made up of attractive fox women, usually wearing Stripperific outfits, Sensual Spandex, and leotards showing off their figures.
  • Appropiately for her alias, supeheroine Vixen's general design is that of a tall woman with a muscular yet voluptuous figure and a form-fitting yellow bodysuit that shows off her cleavage.
  • Xanadu (Vicky Wyman): Fatima, a vixen and Tabbe Le Fauve's main love interest, is a Bedlah Babe in a belly-baring harem dress. Out of all other characters, she easily rivals the other major Ms. Fanservice in the comic; the Shameless Fanservice Girl Empress Alicia.

    Fan Works 
  • Born to Be Wilde: Pearl, Opal, and Crystal are a trio of very flirty arctic foxes dressed in skimpy outfits who also happen to be skilled assassins/masseuses, and their looks attract the attention of just about every mammal present (even the gals). Don't reject their advances if you value your life, though.
  • Aurora appears in the third part of To Belong. She's introduced as a vixen who catches Sinbad's eye, only for her boyfriend Dimitri to knock Sinbad out. Aurora and her boyfriend are thieves.
  • Subverted with Aldonza in Zero Context: Taking Out the Trash. While a fox caninoid, and certainly appealing if her comment of "I'm the girl who wakes up pups in the morning with sugar drink ads" is anything to go by, she's hardly fanservice-y. When asked to effect a Supermodel Strut to the tune of POP/STARS, her attempt at sounding seductive only succeeds in getting her closest friend to bust a gut laughing, and she quickly gives up the act.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live Action 
  • The ABCs of Death: In the "H" segment, Frau Scheisse is a sexy Nazi fox woman posing as burlesque dancer, spending most of the segment in boots, shorts, a swastika armband, and nothing else.

  • The Case Files of Jeweler Richard: The titular character's last name, Richard Ranasinghe de Vulpian, is French for "fox," and is thus a Pretty Boy whose stunning beauty is likened to that of a gemstone.
  • Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio includes more than 80 stories of fox spirits in the form of beautiful women seducing men, most of which were left out of the first English translation from the Victorian era. The tale "Cut Sleeve"note  features a rare male fox.
  • Xanadu (Storyverse):
    • In "Against Type", one of the main antagonists, Traci, is a fox woman notable for an exaggeratedly overendowed figure and a tendency to make every word and action seem sensual. It's implied that, due to the prevalence of this trope, this is a common trend among individuals transformed into fox morphs, leading other characters to complain about the "stupid oversexed foxes". This is actually played for horror; One of the plot devices the story revolves around is a gun that transforms people into vixens, sometimes slowly, and overrides their personality for one more fitting, which happens to Joseph.
    • In "Wynd, Skye, and One White Mouse", Hannah's parents are briefly accosted by a white-furred anthro vixen who shamelessly flirts with both her father and her fiancé.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Discussed in Teen Wolf, when Lydia tries to encourage Kira to use her sex appeal as part of the Pack's latest scheme.
    Lydia: You know what they call a female fox? A vixen.

  • Mouth Albums: In 'Mouth Silence', on the track "Furries", Neil satires the frequency of this trope in Furry Fandom circles by splicing together the Jimi Hendrix songs "Foxy Lady" and "Purple Haze" to create a song about literally lusting after a fox. To top it off, he edits samples of Ylvis to loop the sound effect 'Yiff Yiff Yiff'.

    Mythology & Religion 
  • Older Than They Think: The Chinese huli jing and its Japanese and Korean counterparts, the kitsune and kumiho respectively, are fox spirits known for being classic Tricksters who mess with mortals for entertainment, including disguising themselves as human women to seduce men and young boys. In fact, calling a woman "kitsune-faced" (a face shaped like a heart/inverted triangle) in Japan is considered a very sultry compliment, as this kind of face is generally considered more attractive than those with "Tanuki-faces" (square/round-faced).
    • Tamamo-no-Mae is a famous kitsune appearing in diverse texts who is probably one of the most powerful youkai known to legend. Her story is long and varies between works, but in general is about a powerful kyuubi (a nine-tailed kitsune) from China who would constantly take the form of a beautiful young woman in order to seduce emperors and make them to commit terrible atrocities (ranging from torturing loyal subjects to devouring children) until their subjects would inevitably revolt and drive her out. This pattern continued sporadically for about two thousand years, until she was slain in Japan after being caught draining the life of Emperor Toba. As a side note, her legend seems to have been based on transmitted Chinese tales claiming that the infamous Shang Dynasty concubine Daji was actually possessed by a huli jing.
  • Scandinavian folklore has the hulder (aka "huldra" in Norway, "skogsrå" in Sweden, and "ulda" among the Sami), a seductive forest spirit that usually takes the form of a beautiful Little Bit Beastly woman with red hair and a fox tail, with only her hollow back giving away her monstrous nature. She seduces men who wander through the forest and steals their souls. If you figure out that a woman is a hulder, and then politely point out what gave her away, she will instead reward you.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Golden Sky Stories, the fox/kitsune henge (animal spirits who can take on human or near-human shapes) have a special ability that makes them supernaturally attractive to humans, foxes, and other fox henge of the opposite sex. No other species of henge has any similar abilities.
  • Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools has the players as fox spirits playing tricks on humans guilty of one or another of the Seven Deadly Sins, including Lust. Saski and Sareiko in particular get bonuses for tricks on Lusty fools, while their son Kenji has to go for Lust if possible (regardless of their target's gender).
  • In Transhuman Space, one of the Martian Triads' more popular Eros bioroid variants is the "Huli" model, which come with fur, tail, ears, and pheromones, but no claws or sharp teeth, because they're illegal sex slaves.

    Video Games 
  • The 17th character added to Awesomenauts was Penny Fox, a slender, agile vixen voiced by Brooke "Dodger" Leigh, with a theme song promoting her as "foxy" and a cheerleader outfit as one of her alternate skins.
  • Bloody Roar: Hans 'Fox' Taubemann is a male example of the trope. He is an effeminate, scantily-clad crossdresser who can easily pass for a woman, and is a vicious Serial Killer whose lust for blood is only matched by his vanity and pride in his own beauty. His beast form, fittingly enough, resembles a slender fox with very wide hips. (Though Taubemann ironically sees it as hideous).
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury: Foxy Roxy — the only playable female character — is a curvy anthropomorphic vixen who wears tight shorts and a form-fitting tank top that leaves her stomach exposed, and is the fighter with the least Gonkish design of the entire cast of Funny Animals.
  • One of the DLC girls in Crush Crush is Suzu, a Kitsune represented as a Little Bit Beastly girl with fox ears and a tail. Once she overcomes her Shrinking Violet tendencies at higher relationship levels, she frequently flirts with Marshmallow and can be romanced like any of the girls.
  • Fate/EXTRA: The player's Caster, Tamamo-no-mae, is a playful, sultry, and beautiful fox-woman who tries to win her Master's heart. In Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, she's outright seductive and territorial towards her Master.
  • One of the marriageable characters in Harvest Town is Foxy, a centuries-old Kitsune who wears a revealing, low-cut dress and is the sultriest of all the bachelorettes.
  • In League of Legends, Ahri is a sultry fox Vastaya based on the Korean kumiho who sustains herself by tempting people with her wiles and charm magic before devouring their life essence, dreams, and memories.
  • Both of Kingsisle’s MMOs have solid examples of this trope:
  • Pokémon has Braixen and Delphox, the evolved forms of Fennekin, which both resemble anthropomorphic feminine-looking foxes themed after witches.
  • In Sly Cooper, Carmelita Fox is the series' Ms. Fanservice, her signature look being a midriff-showing outfit, and eventually wears a miniskirt showing off her legs in the fourth game.
  • Star Fox Adventures marks the debut appearance of Krystal, a scantily-clad Nubile Savage/Jungle Princess with a Sexophone theme. In later games, she ditches her tribal clothing for a more futuristic, form-fitting outfit that really draws attention to her chest. As much as she’s the page image for this, she’s practically one of the poster girls for foxy vixens.
  • Played with in Ōkami. The Dark Lord Ninetails isn't really a looker themselves, being "just" a nine-tailed fox, but their disguise as the priestess Rao is considerably busty, with cleavage abound; Ninetails's "Evil Rao" guise also retains the fanservicey design, plus the addition of a fox mask.
  • In Vixen, the title character is a werefox whose human form is that of glamour model Corinne Russell.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Chikn Nuggit: Slushi is a platonically pretty version of this trope. Whereas the rest of the Civilized Animal characters are small, pudgy critters with neotenous designs, Slushi is a light-blue vixen with a far more slender frame and an elegant, feminine appearance, whose beauty mesmerizes the series's two main characters in her debut short. However, she lacks the usual personality traits associated with the trope, and is instead characterized as a dorky Genki Girl with geeky hobbies.

  • The Fox Sister has a kumiho who stole the identity of the protagonist's sister and seduces men to eat their livers.
  • Kalita from Furry Fight Chronicles is a very attractive vixen with a body that Muko ranks 10 out of 10. Likewise, Fenny is an arctic vixen who is attractive enough that Muko bought a body pillow of her after the fight with Roora.
  • Isla Aukate: Overlord Fox provides a fair bit of the series' fanservice, and there's hints her Mysterious Past included some time in a burlesque show.
  • Keychain of Creation: Marena, one of the four main characters, is a flirty, promiscuous fox totem Lunar and Ms. Fanservice with a fondness for revealing outfits, bringing plenty of fanservice to the comic (for a stick figure).
  • In the furry comic S.S.D.D., foxes are stereotyped as, to put it lightly, sluts. The fox couple of the original cast, Richard and Anne, certainly are horny enough to justify the stereotyping. Worldbuilding filler strips show that it's actually a pretty successful survival strategy in a multi-species society, as despite only going into heat once a year and being incompatible with other speciesnote , they're the most populous species on Earth and occupy many positions in politics.
  • Zoophobia: Fabian the fox is a suave, sultry Casanova and former New-Age Retro Hippie with a wildly adventurous past. He doesn't give much of a damn if the person he's seducing isn't even the same species as him, and he gladly hits on the resident Token Human multiple times throughout the comic.

    Web Original 
  • The mascot of the anime-themed YouTube channel Lost Pause is a beautiful, busty fox girl named Lily who is usually depicted in a belly-baring halter top.
  • SCP Foundation has SCP-953, a "Polymorphic Humanoid". SCP-953 is a kumiho, a nine-tailed fox that can take the shape of a beautiful Korean woman and influence people's minds with Telepathy and the power of suggestion. She's also a Serial Killer who often pretends to be a kitsune to lure victims before eating their livers.

    Western Animation