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Trivia / MegaTokyo

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  • The Merch: MegaGear
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Early in the run, Fred Gallagher (in)famously said that if he saw porn of MegaTokyo characters, he would stop producing the comic. As it turns out, this declaration only dissuaded his fan base, whereas it served as incentive for the sizable population who dislike MegaTokyo. He has apparently since dropped this threat ever since A) it became clear most of the folks doing it were just trying to get him to cancel the comic, and B) his own NSFW artwork was brought to light.
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  • Schedule Slip: There's a reason MegaTokyo fans are widely considered some of the most patient and forgiving people in the webcomic world. MegaTokyo is in the running for the distinction of being the most notorious still-ongoing webcomic example of the phenomenon, especially since the birth of Gallagher's son.

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