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  • Accidental Innuendo: "Oh, I'm not his daughter, we just live together."
    • Also Largo, when talking about his cool thing.
    Largo: Y'know, when we get back to the apartment, I'd be happy to show you my cool thing.
    Erika: I don't think so. Please continue.
  • Archive Binge: The storyline makes a lot more sense if you're able to read a full chapter in one sitting, without the update delays. Graphic novel versions make this even easier.
  • Broken Base: Rodney Caston's departure from the strip drove a wedge deep into the fanbase that would persist to this day if the comic still updated frequently enough for anyone to care.
    • Basically, it boils down to Caston-fans preferring the video game themed randomness of the early strips, while Fred-fans prefer the relationship building and complex plot of the later strips.
      • Plenty of people took every opportunity they could to personally attack Fred for "stealing Rodney's comic away from him". One web developer friend of Rodney's used the occasion of Rodney's wife having a child (Fred had sent his congratulations) to quip, "Hopefully Fred won't steal this baby too." That incident forced Rodney to tell his fans to back off, and both him and Fred to separately reveal a few details about what happened back in 2002.
  • Crazy Awesome: Largo. He's crazy. He's awesome. What else can be said? He is the L33T-Master.
    • To a lesser degree, Junpei.
  • Creative Differences: This is the official reason for Rodney Caston leaving the strip. The reality is far more complicated.
    • We don't know exactly what happened, and we never will because both of them signed NDAs. The few details we've gotten from both of them over the years suggest that Rodney got bored with writing the strip pretty early on, leaving more details to Fred, then disapproving of the direction Fred wanted to take things; the last strip Rodney wrote by himself (aside from a couple of one-offs several months later) was, ironically, a strip showing the different ways their characters viewed the world.±  Although Rodney wasn't contributing much of anything to the series, his name was still on the masthead and he still owned half of the copyright, something Fred came to resent. Eventually, Rodney agreed to let Fred buy out his half of the IP, and Rodney's name disappeared from the masthead at the end of April 2002,note  with earlier strips receiving an Orwellian Retcon to change the copyright info.
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  • Epileptic Trees: Tons of these in regards to just what the hell Miho actually is.
  • Fan Nickname: Most of them due to the fact that several characters went a while before their names were revealed within the comic. A few of those remained in use even after the character's name was learned.
  • Foe Yay: Miho has a lot of this with Piro and Largo. Though she and Piro were a romantic couple of sorts prior to the start of the comic
    Miho: So, tell me Piro ... do you still love me?
    Piro: Wh... what?
    Miho: That's not a very nice way to respond to that question. You could hurt a girl's feelings. In fact, I think I might start to cry.
  • Growing the Beard: Some people believe that when the comic took a turn for the dramatic it got better.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Considering where their relationship ended up, it's funny to remember this is how Largo first met Erika.
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  • Hype Aversion: The poster child for this. Any "Name webcomics you hate!" thread is required by law to have Megatokyo as the first reply.
  • Moe: Ping is a frequent source of these,including the world's cutest internet search. Kimiko and Yuki also.
  • Narm Charm: The bits of comedy that mT contains post-Cerebus Syndrome often slip into this. For example, in this recent strip, Ed is taunting and tormenting Ping with text messages while planning to kill her; meanwhile he strikes up a pleasant conversation with our favorite Cloud Cuckoolander Largo and (among other things), complements him on his Nice Hat.
  • Obvious Beta: Fred is known for having a very rough art style; when he's really pressed for time, the sketch lines are still visible. The really annoying part is that while his style looks rough and unfinished, it's actually extremely labor-intensive.
  • Snark Bait: The comic is prone to this. Remix comics are very popular.
  • Squick: Largo's Japanese-English translator apparently has Japanese porn sites as its sources.
  • * Unintentional Period Piece: The early years of the comic greatly reflect the early-2000s anime and video game fan community that it was created in. There are many references to works and genres that are no longer popular, and in particular, Leet Speak - at the time, a genuinely common aspect of gamer culture - has long since become Deader Than Disco.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Piro was originally drawn with a short, slender build, somewhat more feminine features, and a much more androgynous hairdo. This, combined with only going by a nickname, occasionally led to some viewers believing he was actually a she. Lampshaded in universe when he first meets Yuki and her classmates, who briefly mistake him for a girl.
  • The Woobie: This gets passed around, with many characters managing at least a little woobie-time. Of particular note is that Kimiko Nanasawa displays woobiedom in-comic as well as in the fanbase, with employers wondering whether to hug her and later her own unwanted army of sympathetic nobodies drawing up battle-plans as to how to make her feel better.
    • Don't forget the ph34rbots. Advanced robotic AIs created by Largo, programmed to defend Tokyo from any hostile threats... and made from cardboard. They spend most of their time getting knocked over by curious kids.
    • Ping as well. Piro, Kimiko, Erika, Junko, and Miho have all ended up giving/receiving hugs from her, the last one on multiple occasions.
    • Miho went from being her normal, annoying, bitchy self to 100% Woobie-fied in 12 comics flat. Compare: the beginning of comic 1255 with the beginning of comic 1267. (Obvious spoilers)


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