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[71] Erika: Did you sleep with the producer?
Kimiko: No. I did not.
Erika: Do you need me to?
Kimiko: No.
Erika: Well, that's a shame.

[202] Kimiko: Besides, I figure if I make the dress real hard to get out of, it'll keep you out of trouble.

[380] Masamichi: Your actions constitute severe violations of many local ordinances and national laws... Not to mention several international treaties and the Android Rights Act of 1978. Ever consider a career in cataclysm management? Lemme buy you a beer.
Largo: A beer? Can I get more than one?

[392] Miho: I wasn't aware the Tokyo Police employed uneducated, paranoid, delusional foreign delinquents.
Largo: In my case, they made an exception.

[428] Piro: You're that... you're... a girl??
Miho: Last time I checked, yes.

[454] Piro: 'Culture shock'. Now that's an explanation for Largo's behavior I haven't heard before.
Erika: It's almost like a cry for help.

[584] Erika: This is my life. My game. My rules. If you want to be a part of it, you will respect that.

[592] Junko: I'm sorry, my English isn't creative enough to translate that.

[599] Miho: You can't tell people what choices to make, Ping. Life is kinda sad that way.

[639] Head Ninja: No dishonor, but this "L33t Master" is total nutjob.
Junpei: Path to enlightenment can make enlightened ones complex and misunderstood, Head Ninja.

[674] Junpei: Ninja live by code of honor. Magical girl live by code of love. This lead to many disaster and much destruction of urban area. Honor much safer.

[819] Ed: The real thing! I... I think I feel it... Yes! I can!! I'm feeling... ph34r!! This is ph34r! Yes!! That must be what this is!! I need bigger guns!! Don't move!! I'll be back!!

[834] Largo: There are many kinds of wounds. But to take damage from someone you trust... Betrayal is the deepest wound of all.

"Oh dear. If you think this is the front of the book, you have been reading an unhealthy amount of manga. MEGATOKYO was originally done in English, so be a good dear and turn the book over and start from the other side."
—The rightmost page of Megatokyo Manga Volume 5

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