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All Muslims Are Arab

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“Look what they wrote. They think we’re Arab. When did Persian become Arab?”
Shereen (reading graffiti on her store wall after the store is vandalized), Crash

Because most well-known examples of fictional Muslim characters and settings in mainstream media tend to be from the Middle East, there is an assumption that Muslims are all Arabs or speak Arabic as their main language. This is despite the fact that the largest Muslim population in the world is in Indonesia, which is located in Southeast Asia, and many Muslims come from all over Asia (as a matter of fact, the region with the largest number of Muslims overall is in fact, South Asianote , which has more than 630 million Muslims. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastnote  has less than 410 million Muslims), Africa, and Europenote  and do not consider themselves Arabs. Even within the Middle East exist a multitude of ethnic groups who practice Islam and speak a variety of different languages, such as Kurdish, Persian, and Turkish which belong to totally different language families from Arabicnote . Iran and Turkey, two Middle Eastern regional powers who frequently make international headlines, have non-Arab Muslims as the majority of the population. As shown in the page quote, Persians, devout Muslim as they are, will be insulted if someone lumps them with the Arabs (the Arab world vs Iran rivalry is probably the most high-octane conflict in the Middle East now, upstaging everything else. Despite this, pop culture rarely depicts them).


Complicating this issue is that scholars of Islam are expected to learn Classical Arabic in order to understand the Quran, since there are no official translations into other languages due to the belief that some of the meaning would be lost in translation; therefore Muslims who take their faith seriously often do understand Arabic in some form, even if it is not their main tongue. Cultural influences also mean that many non-Arab Muslims understand and use Gratuitous Arabic phrases in everyday life (e.g. Assalamualaikum, a catch-all greeting; or Alhamdulillah, the equivalent of and used in the same situation as "Hallelujah"), which might create the assumption that all Muslims know Arabic, when in fact, they do not.

Compare Latino Is Brown, All Jews Are Ashkenazi.

Note that this trope is not about the simple presence of Arab Muslims in a work, but rather about the implicit or explicit assumption that all Muslims are of Arab descent (e.g. by having Muslim characters speaking Arabic in casual conversation where their background and/or time period would make this improbable). Please do not add examples along the lines of "Character X is Arab" when it is nothing remarkable. Similarly, it's not worth listing an "aversion" if a work just happens to have a Muslim who is Indonesian or Moroccan.



Comic Books
  • In New X-Men, Dust speaks Arabic and wears a Saudi-style abaya and niqab, despite hailing from a poor region in Afghanistan, where she would be much more likely to speak Pashto or Dari and wear shalwar kameez, chador, or, if she is extremely conservative, burqa. Afghanistan does have an old Arab community, but they all speak Dari, the language they've been acculturated to for centuries. Made even weirder since they, for once, got her name right (unlike pseudo-Arabic names often employed by Western writers for their Muslim characters, Sooraya Qadir is culturally spot on).


  • In Crash (quoted above), a Muslim family’s store is horribly vandalized, and anti-Muslim and anti-Arab slurs of spray-painted on the walls. Seeing this, the store owner remarks that they are Persian, not Arab.
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  • The Dictator has John C. Reilly's character Clayton looking forward to torturing General Aladeen because he's "an Arab", but Aladeen's nation Wadiya is located in the Horn of Africa, whose Arab population is minuscule compared to the majority Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Tigrays, and Afars.
  • Zero Dark Thirty received some controversy from Pakistani audiences for, among other things, portraying community elders speaking in Arabic instead of their native Pashtun.


  • Lampshaded in The Millennium Trilogy, where Dragan Armansky was born in Croatia, to a Armenian Jewish father from Belarus and a Bosnian Muslim mother of Greek heritage, and his Swedish immigration papers erroneously mark him as a Serbian, but because he is a practicing Muslim, he has acquired the nickname "The Arab".

Live-Action TV

  • While this is true in NCIS: Los Angeles more often than not, one episode has Callen infiltrate a Muslim extremist cell led by a white Chechen and including at least one black American woman. It's mentioned by another Chechen, whom the team arrests at LAX so Callen can impersonate him, that he was sent precisely because of this trope: Americans expect Muslims to be brown, not white.

Video Games

  • The Karachi map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features all of its text in Arabic, despite the fact that Pakistan's official languages are English and Urdu.

Real Life

  • This trope was mostly true during the first century of Islam (circa 610-755 CE). Although there were some foreign converts (most notably, Salman the Persian), the Muslim community was by and large made up of the Arab tribe of Quraysh (where Muhammad belonged) and their allies. Even when their territories spanned from Spain to India, Muslims did not form the majority beyond the Arabian Peninsula. This was self-inflicted; just as the settled societies (which made up a large chunk of the conquered lands) shunned the Arabs for their nomadic life, the Arabs did not have a high opinion of the settled societies, either. Although Islam preached for integration, the second Caliphate, the Umayyads, were particularly notorious for their Arab chauvinism, enforcing separation between themselves and the people they ruled. To them, all non-Arabs were beneath them, regardless if they were Muslim or not. Therefore, there was no incentive for people to convert. It was not until they were overthrown by unsatisfied foreign Muslims (and some Defector from Decadence Arabs) and the much more open Abbasids (who were Persianized Arabs) installed that mass conversions took place and the non-Arabic-speaking Muslims outnumbered the Arabic-speaking ones.
  • During the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers, a group of Redditors zeroed in on a pair of brown, apparently Muslim men in photographs from the crime scene. Barring the fact that the bombers were not Arabs, this was itself a Critical Research Failure; Arabs, as a cultural and linguistic group, span the whole spectrum of skin color, from the lightest white to the darkest black, and presenting some random brown-skinned people as Arabs was essentially meaningless. There was no other reason for it other than good ol' racial profiling. To avoid a witch hunt, the FBI decided to inform the public that the actual prime suspects, the Tsarnaev brothers, were white (Chechens).