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  • Due to her having an erotic author as a father whos also a major pervert, Ao from Ao-chan Cant Study firmly believes all the boys in her school only want sex out of girls. Hilarity ensues when Nice Guy Kijima takes an interest in her and she mistakes almost every situation as him wanting to get physical with her.
  • Battle Royale's Mitsuko Souma believes this trope, and is legitimately surprised when Yuichiro Takiguchi doesn't feel her up, despite giving him ample opportunity to do so.
  • Berserk, staying true to its dark nature, plays the trope straight and is (mostly) unsympathetic in its depiction of it.
    • When Guts saves Casca from a nasty fall: as she lays unconscious in their makeshift shelter, he briefly thinks about nailing her and blames himself for it right after. I.e. he considers himself a pervert, just a repressed and self-hating one.
    • After the Eclipse when Guts accidentally rips open Casca's gown, exposing her breasts, and Guts leans in, presumably to kiss her and then go and... Well, Casca had just gone through the horrific ordeal of being brutally raped to insanity — and Guts was Forced to Watch as it happened — so of course she frantically runs away from him, leaving Guts to hang his head in shame for his lapse of self-control.
  • Yami in Black Clover is a believer in this. He convinces the other males at the hot spring, except Asta and Yuno, to be this, stating that peeping on women is something a man must do. That said, his motivation comes off as more For the Lulz than personal perversion.
  • Case Closed: Considering this show is about a kid, it's wrong or at least weird in many ways. Conan/Kudo's caretaker Mouri Kogorou is the worst offender, often more interested in womanizing than in actually doing his job. His rival Hattori also ogles girls whenever swimsuits are involved. Even Conan/Kudo isn't immune to this, although he mostly lusts after Ran.
  • In The Princess' Skirt skit in Castle Town Dandelion, after knowing Akane is bottomless for the day and she would have to use the stairs, all the 10th grade boys stormed out of their classrooms so that they can have a peek on Akane's panties.
  • City Hunter: There's only one major male character, but the sheer amount of perversion that Ryo Saeba emits is enough to qualify for this trope. Many men who actually have any sort of role besides him aren't much better.
  • Colorful, where the fanservice-laden environment does nothing to deter this behavior aside from the occasional Megaton Punch.
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys has a milder example: the three main boys in the show have stolen Tadakuni's sister's underwear at some point.
  • In one episode of Eureka Seven, Renton inadvertently says something to Eureka that touches a nerve. It has to do with her not being human. He looks through the Gekko's magazine rack to see if something there might offer some advice on how to ease the tension between them, and gets caught looking through a porno magazine. Though it's clear (to the audience) that he had no idea what it was really about when he first picked it up, the other Gekkostate members take it as evidence that the visible tension between the two is due to Renton pressuring Eureka for sex. While the girls go talk to Eureka about standing up for herself and making sure Renton respects her boundaries, the guys come to Renton's room with a whole stack of porn and set about redecorating his room to create an atmosphere fit for seduction. And, of course, Holland finds them at that moment and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Played straight with the Shinryuuji Nagas (minus Unsui) in Eyeshield 21 who either start blushing, hollering, or hooting whenever they see a pretty girl since they attend an all-boys school. Also with Agon who is usually seen with A Lady on Each Arm and sleeps with several girls and then dumps them afterwards. Several guys line up to join the Deimon Devilbats because Mamori was handing out flyers. However, most of the other male characters avert this who rarely, if not never, shows an interest in romance.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler Hinagiku is ogled by both the majority of boys and the majority of girls of her school.
  • High School DD. We start with Issei of course, but he's definitely not the most perverted guy ever. The only male character who doesn't seem to even be remotely close as a pervert is ironically Vali, his rival.
  • In I Dont Like You at All, Big Brother!!, all recurring male characters are clearly this. To start with, male protagonist Shuusuke has a Porn Stash worthy to be the trope's page image, masturbates about five times a day, and his main social circle is an unofficial group call AGE Explorers, in which AGE stands for All Genre Ero. The group's main activity is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. His father seemed to be turned on with one of his SM porn. Even in preschool he played doctor with one of the girls specifically wanting to see her naked.
  • In I'm a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl's Pet, the entire male population of a city drools and leers over the female main character, Aria. Her big boobs and official adventuring attire don't help. She's aware of it, but ignores it, most of the time.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl shows an interesting variety of this trope. After Hazumu swaps gender from male to female, she starts being chased by two girls. Their feelings for Hazumu are treated as pure and deep — and with a lot more reverence than those of Hazumu's male childhood friend. He gets treated as a pervert who only wants to get into Hazumu's pants since everybody knows that a lesbian only wants to hold hands with the girl she likes, right?
  • A Running Gag of Kotoura-san is Manabe's imagine spots about different ways of sexualizing Haruka and Haruka's Dirty Mind-Reading that immediately follows.
  • In Miss Machiko the entire school seems to be perverted toward the main character. Especially Kenta, who is often the ring leader of the boys and works out several plots to grope, disrobe, or otherwise act pervy to the eponymous Miss Machiko (or their female classmates).
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun:
    • In Chapter 49, judo team members want some illustrated how-to's for grappling. Team captain Mayu draws some based on the shoujo-style art from his elder brother, the eponymous "Nozaki-kun", a Sequential Artist of that genre. The rest of the team boos at these, claiming they're not sexy enough. Mayu has to use Mikoshiba's racy manga and figurines as models, with increasing levels of raciness as fellow members demand more fanservice.
    • Chapter 59 sees Mikoshiba sending an email under the pseudonym of "Mamiko" to one of the judo team members who is posting the artwork under the guise that it's a blog for a female student in the team, because well, it'd be seen as a bit suspect if a guy sends a message to a junior high school girl right? The two judo team members promptly react to the email with cheering "HIGH SCHOOL GIRL! MINISKIRT! WHOOOOOOOOO!" after realizing the email has a female name.
  • All the main male cast from Need a Girl!, there are the more outspoken ones like Yo-Han, others who follow him like In-Young and Sul-Min, and the most composed one, Han-Kyul, who just can't help when a situation calls for the occasional drooling; even the unnamed male classmates who appear once a chapter shows signs of hormones fervor.
  • Onsokumaru of Ninja Nonsense has this to say on the subject:
    Onsokumaru: Perversion is a man's sin. Not to forgive it is a woman's sin.
    Sasuke: What are you talking about?
    Onsokumaru: I'm saying we're going to peep on them.
  • Outbreak Company. For example, when Shinichi needs to sneak by some guards in Episode 8, he just slips them a hentai doujinshi. It works. Twice.
  • In Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, the three boys in Galko's class — essentially the main male cast — are perverts to any degree. All of their conversations either deals with sex or fantasizing about Galko. Charao, particularly, as he often starts those discussions.
  • In Popcorn Avatar, this is played with by Kurando's male classmates to the hilt, to the point where they interpret Kurando's injuries after a battle as the result of him and Lisa "playing rough".
  • All the recurring male characters in Prison School are huge perverts. The five central characters start off the main conflict in the series by getting caught peeping in the girls bath. The principal of the school, whom you wouldn't suspect to be a pervert given his always stern expression, is quickly revealed to have a butt fetish.
  • This appears to be one of the underlying themes in Psychic Squad. Considering that a lot of those feelings are toward the 10-year-old leads, it's more a case of "All Men Are Lolicons". Even Kaoru, one of the three girls, is called out for her lust for big-breasted women as acting like a perverted old man.
  • Ranma : Where to start? Ranma often takes advantage of his female form to trick people in his various plots, Kuno's attitude towards girls he desires is blatantly lustful (he was at one point proclaimed Furinkan High's greatest pervert) though he's more Stalker with a Crush, Ryoga uses Akane's ignorance of his curse to play the part of her beloved pet, and Mousse sometimes tries to take a peek on Shampoo... all of which pale before the exploits of master pervert Happ?sai, whose entire existence seems to revolve around woman's panties. Most of the schoolboys seen are always obsessing over girls, rush to get nude pictures whenever they can, and once during the duel with Mousse when Ranma had a Wardrobe Malfunction, all of the boys leaped on stage to get a better look. Early in the series, when Furinkan heard of the Best Her to Bed Her proclamation about Akane, nearly the entire male student body was attacking her every morning.
  • Rosario + Vampire: The main character is one too, but he has much more control over himself than every other male student at Yokai Academy. They constantly lust for the pretty girls in the school, and actually comment on their breasts in public.
  • Due to the influences of her philandering father, Maka of Soul Eater believes this very strongly, and it doesn't help that her (male) partner gets Nosebleeds around hot girls. But other than her father, most of the males are actually pretty good guys.
  • So, I Can't Play H!:
    • Ryosuke is such a perv that he's known around school as, "Pervsuke" because he's an expert on anything dealing with eroticism. It even becomes the source of his power once he forms a contract with Lisara. Which enables him to repeatedly restore her power, since he's almost always thinking about sex.
    • Also applies to the rest of the male students at his school, with regard to Ilia. She's a buxom blonde babe and a popular Teen Idol. So when she enrolled at their school, she was immediately swarmed by crowds of fans and would-be suitors.
  • Sword Art Online plays this straight with more than one villain:
  • Tona-Gura!: Played straight and subverted. Kazuki's best friend Chihaya defends Chivalrous Pervert Yuuji by taking the understanding attitude that 'all boys are like that'-to the point of even flashing him some underwear.
  • Urusei Yatsura:
    • Ataru Moroboshi. In one episode, where a computer hooked up to his brain shows that he loves EVERY girl the most. (Even Lum, a girl who he has been trying to avoid for oh, the entire series?)
    • Not just Ataru; Mendou is stated to be just as perverted despite his polite facade, Jariten is a Dirty Kid who likes looking under the skirts of girls, Otaku Megane fanboys over naughty shots of Lum, and all of them try to peek in the girls in the Hot springs.
    • When a Hospital Hottie goes to work as the school nurse, its said every boy in school injured themselves as an excuse to ogle her. Another time, when a girl wasn't wearing a bra during PE, all the schoolboys tried to grope her during Rugby.
    • Pretty much the only Teenage boys to not be perverted in the series are Inaba, Rei, Tobimaro, Nagisa and a few one-shot characters.
  • Played straight in Yu-Gi-Oh! with most of the male cast. Jounouchi and Honda actually lifted Anzu's skirt with a ruler, Kaiba's machine in the Death-T arc touched her breasts, one minor character planned to rape Anzu in one chapter and episode, Honda's nephew buried his face in Anzu's breasts upon meeting her and even Yugi's grandfather commented on Anzu's breasts getting bigger. Yugi, of all people, actually fantasized about looking up Anzu's skirt in the first chapter. I guess Yugi isn't as innocent as he seems.
    • Mai and Serenity are also targets for this trope. The abridged series loves pointing out that Mai has large breasts, mostly in the original anime, and Joey and other characters state this multiple times. When Tristan's soul is trapped within the robot monkey, he snuggles against Serenity's chest... and she's his best friend's little sister!
  • Welcome Back, Alice: Most boys in the story are, also including the ambiguously gendered Kei, although the major female character Mitani ends up being just as perverted.
  • World's End Harem
    • Subverted. The UW expects this of Reito Mizuhara because "Number One" was (and because their leaders are mostly Straw Feminists), but Reito completely balks at the prospect of being a Glorified Sperm Donor to women he has no feelings for. Even after being reunited with Erisa, he only agrees to have sex with Mira with Erisa's blessing (because Erisa is sterile).
    • Unlike the other two main males, played dead straight: Kyouji Hino thinks the whole idea of being a Breeding Slave is the best thing ever to happen to him.
    • Zig Zagging. Shota Doi goes from awkward virgin deflowered by his beloved music teacher, to enthusiastically taking part in the UW's Breeding Slave operation to having the novelty of being able to legally rape girls who were mean to him or whom he fantasized about rapidly wear thin: it turns out he actually doesn't enjoy casual sex with women who only want him for his sperm.