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Webcomic / The Beast Legion

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"Unleash The Beast Within"

The Beast Legion is a fantasy manga-styled webcomic by Indian creator Jazyl Homavazir, that follows the exploits of Xeus, a prince forced to flee his homeland when it was attacked by the Evil Shadow Nexus under the command of the Warlock, Dragos. After seven years Xeus must now set forth on his quest to free his homeland from the forces of Darkness by mastering an ancient power of the Beast Transfers. The comic follows Xeus's quest as he makes new allies and battles a Plethora of villains with similar traits to save his homeland from impending chaos.

It is also the winner of the First ever Comic Con India Award for Best Webcomic.

Updates Monday and Friday.

The Beast Legion contains the following tropes:

  • Eccentric Mentor: Master Surya falls perfectly under this trope.
  • Fanservice: The Beast Legion often has Holiday Incentives and an updated Gallery to keep fans happy.
  • Mood Whiplash: Xeus gets angry when Master Surya, changes the game rules in Issue 3.
  • Mysterious Past: We know very little of Dragos' past and Connection to Lithopia.
  • Near-Death Experience : Xeus gets one after he faces Dragos in Issue 4. Thankfully he's rescued in time by Brilight.
  • Royal Blood: Runs through Xeus' veins as he comes from a lineage of great Kings.
  • Take My Hand!: Played with in chapter 1 when Cwen needs of these and one isn't immediately forthcoming.
  • Tigerversus Dragon : An eventual confrontation between Xeus & Dragos' beast form.