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Waste of Time is a webcomic written and drawn by Mel A. C. about two brothers who live together and the girl next door. Jon, the younger of the two brothers, is a university student living with his older brother Seth, who, despite being older, isn't quite as good at figuring things out as his younger bro. Then comes Anna, Seth's best friend and Jon's major crush. The comic follows them in their struggles through the uncomfortable transition from "technical adult" to "actual grownup."

Waste Of Time is best described as a Slice of Life comic that at times can be very light-hearted and fun and at other times tackle some deep topics, but Mel A. C. makes sure that the comic never gets too dark or depressing by throwing in several comics that are sure to throw you into laughing fits.

One thing is for sure: reading Waste Of Time is not a waste of your time.


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