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Honduras is a Central American country. Like its neighbors, it is Spanish-speaking and a part of the short-lived Central American Federation. The majority of the population were mestizos and Indians.

Parts of Honduras used to be part of the Mayan civilization until the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. When the revolution in Mexico in the 1810s and 1820s occurred, the country was a Mexican province. Needless to say, the Hondurans and the other Central Americans weren't happy with this, and they broke away to form the Central American Federation. But it didn't last long; in 1838, Honduras proclaimed independence.

It had serious troubles with dictators, grinding poverty, natural disasters like hurricanes and floods (like in 1998 and 2008) and the like. In fact, Honduras was one of the countries that embody the Banana Republic trope most faithfully; bananas used to be Honduras' number 1 export, and for a time, Honduras was the world's leading banana producer. These days, textiles are the leading export.


Honduras and El Salvador fought the The Football War, allegedly because of a dispute on a football match, but then, there are serious undertones as well. Many Salvadorans emigrated to Honduras for work and land and were used as scapegoats during an economic repression by the then-dictator; Oswaldo Lopez Arellano, leading to the persecution and deportation of Salvadoran immigrants. In response, the Salvadoran government declared war on Honduras and invaded by land after bombarding various Honduran airports and bases. The war lasted four gruelling days (in those four days, 3000 people died, think about it for a moment) and was only stopped because the OAS threatened to heavily sanction El Salvador if they didn't withdrew their troops from Honduras.

Following the war, Honduras became the United States' headquarters for anti-communists operations in Central America, with Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries and Salvadoran and Guatemalan elite forces being trained there during The '80s by Vietnam War veterans under the command of the CIA.


Right now, Honduras has stabilized most of its economy and adopted a more efficent structure to bring investors but due to regional gangs and South American drug cartels using the nation for organized crime has led its poorest neighborhoods becoming crime-ridden slums where finding a fresh corpse has become common occurence. Also, their political scene is full of corruption, nepotism and censored repression that has been tolerated by the United States for one reason or another. This has led to a bigger economic gap between the rich and the poor that it's not helped with their bigger population and urban-to-rural ratio in comparison with it's neighbors (excluding Nicaragua).

The Honduran flag

Like those of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, the Honduran flag reuses the design and colors of the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America, to which they once belonged, albeit in this case the colors also had unique symbolism — the blue upper and lower stripes symbolize both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, while the white stripe in the middle stands for the country straddling between both oceans. The colors can also symbolize fraternity and peace, respectively. At the center are five blue stars, symbolizing the former components of the Central American federation as well as the hope for its rebirth.

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