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"My mom is Dominican-Cuban
My dad is from Chile and P.R. which means
I'm Chile-Domini-Curican
But I always say I'm from Queens!"
Carla, In the Heights

Media with a prominent focus on citizens of the USA who have background/ancestry from Mexico, the Spanish and French speaking Caribbean countries, and Central and South America. For a work to qualify, it must have a Latino/Latina character as the protagonist or at least a central member of the cast (as in the story centers around them in some part), as opposed to just playing a part in an ensemble. These works may or may not be about Latino heritage, culture or the various racial identities associated with such.

Compare and contrast with African-American Media, Arab-Americans in Media, Asian-American Media, Judaism and Jewish Culture in Media, Native American and First Nations Media, and Pacific Islanders in Media. Also see Latino-American Creators for a list of Latino-American content creators and performers.

Note that the page is not named Latin American Media, to focus on American Latino characters and to distinguish it from works made in Latin America. For media made in the independent nations of Latin America, see Argentine Media, Brazilian Media, Chilean Media, Colombian Media, Cuban Media, Mexican Media, Peruvian Media, Venezuelan Media, and Uruguayan Media.

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Alternative Title(s): Latino Americans In Media