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An index of works by Puerto Rican creators/centered about the Puerto Rican experience. May also include Puerto Rican creators.

Please note that just featuring a Puerto Rican creator or character is not enough to make a work a good fit. For example, the late Raúl Juliá would be fine to include. His films Street Fighter, The Addams Family, or Presumed Innocent would not.



Comic Strip

  • Yenny: Originated in Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora, this strip is about the title character, who aspires to be a supermodel. The comic is also available online

Comic Books


  • Ana: A 2020 comedy-drama.
  • The Caller: A British/Puerto Rican supernatural horror film.
  • Modesta: A 38-minute short in which an oppressed wife starts a women's liberation group
  • Progress Island U.S.A.: A 1973 Promotional short that extols the benefits of traveling, living and starting your business in Puerto Rico.
  • What Happened to Santiago: The first and only note  Puerto Rican film ever to receive a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
  • Yo Soy Taíno (Spanish for "I am Taino"), known also as Dak'Toká Taíno- short film featuring puppets, set weeks after Hurricane Maria.


Live-Action Television

  • Los Rayos Gamma - a comedy group dedicated to political and social satire with sketches, song parodies, and more.


Myths and Mythology

Professional Wrestling


  • NonPack follows the life of Karen, a stray anthropomorphic dog who leads a gang of criminals called Los Satos (Puerto Rican slang for stray dogs). The story is set in Rich Port, a World of Funny Animals version of Puerto Rico.