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Menudo was a Puerto Rican Boy Band (1977-1997, 2007-2009) formed in the 1970s that became one of the biggest boy bands in history. Their producer, Edgardo Díaz, required that members leave the band when they turned 16 in order to maintain the band's popularity with young girls (though this rule was removed in 1988), necessitating a rotating lineup over its 22 years that included Ricky Martin.

Menudo released a total of 44 studio albums and 16 compilation albums, and their success during the 1980s led to their appearances on Silver Spoons, Sesame Street, and The Love Boat, and the release of two feature films, Una Aventura Llamada Menudo (for which they also recorded the soundtrack) and Menudo La Pelicula. Additionally, they supplied the opening theme during Season 2 of Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea.


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