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Chilean Media

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An index with media originating in Chile:

Actors and actresses



  • Condorito
  • Diablo: Chilean response to DC/Marvel in 90s (not related to Diablo video game series)
  • Doctor Mortis: Horror, suspense and the macabre.
  • Locke & Key: Co-creation of Chilean artist Gabriel Rodriguez under IDW publishing but eventually re-released in Chile under Arcano IV publishing.
  • Mampato
  • Palomita
  • Rayen: Comic book created on the 90s and the other flagship of Chilean comic books apart of Diablo.




Live Action TV

Tabletop Game

Video Games

Web Animation

Western Animation

  • Bear Story: Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
  • Condorito: The 80s 2D animated shorts as well the 2017 CGI movie.
  • Diego y Glot: The first chilean animated series developed with traditional animation.
  • Los Pulentos: First 3D chilean animation starring by ghetto children.
  • Villa Dulce
  • Zumbástico Fantástico
  • Everything made by Marmota Studios, like Golpea Duro Hara, or Fin Punch!