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Benjamín Vicuña is a Chilean actor, who has worked in both Chile and Argentina. He started as theatre and Telenovela actor to later being part of various movies, series and big productions in both countries, becoming part of Argentinian productions since The New '10s, as well in the Spanish series Locked Up. He was married (and divorced) with the Argentinian model Carolina Ardohain aka Pampita (2005-2015) and later to the Argentinian actress Eugenia Suarez (2015-2021), who even made varios productions together, in both marriages having children together.

There's an article of him in The Other Wiki.

Productions from Chile

  • Vivir al día
  • Pielcanela
  • Purasangre
  • Pecadores
  • Destinos Cruzados
  • Los simuladores (Chilean adaptation)
  • Huaiquimán y Tolosa
  • Héroes (as Manuel Rodriguez, one of Chilean national heroes)
  • Los Archivos del Cardenal
  • Por fin solos
  • Prófugos
  • Un diablo con ángel
  • Dawson. Isla 10
  • Grado 3
  • Promedio Rojo
  • Fuga
  • Sitiados
  • La memoria del agua

Productions from Argentina


Productions from Spain

Tropes associated with Benjamín Vicuña

  • The Casanova: A common paper in various of his works, but also this is seen in his real life due to his scandals with women (mostly for infidelity.) In recent years he was object of Memetic Mutation in his native Chile because of this.
  • Hero Protagonist: Benjamín made various protagonists in the series he worked, but in some of them was The Hero, like in Héroes (being one of national heroes, Manuel Rodriguez) and Huaiquimán y Tolosa (being the rookie cool cop Richard Tolosa), as other roles.
  • Mrs. Robinson: In Destinos Cruzados, his character felt in love (and even made explicit sex scenes) with older actress Gloria Munchmayer.
  • Product Placement: He was the face of the Chilean department store chain "Paris" during 10 years.
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  • Those Two Actors: With Daniel Muñoz, mostly thanks to the Buddy Cop Show Huaiquimán y Tolosa with a great chemistry on-screen and with the series becoming a Cult Classic. Several years later, they will come back in the telenovela Un diablo con ángel with the main roles, with less success but with the same chemistry.