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Webcomic / Sueños del Sur

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Clockwise from left, the titular siblings: Hugo, Eliana, Rosa and Pedro

Sueños del Sur is a Slice of Life webcomic written and drawn by Luis "Locoluis" González. Originally written as a series of doodles in the author's notebooks, Sueños del Sur started to be published as a webcomic in October 2007. Since then, it has been updated slowly but mostly steadily, though with a few breaks in between. The webcomic appears to currently be on hiatus as of April 1, 2020.

The story is centered about the daily life, friends, adventures and dreams of the Martínez Gómez family, specifically their four chidren, Hugo, Rosa, Eliana and Pedro. They live in a small coastal town in central-southern Chile.

The webcomic is published in Spanish and English at .

Has a character sheet.


Sueños del Sur provides examples of:

  • Heavy Sleeper: Eliana tends to sleep a lot. Played for Drama during her hunger strike, becoming so malnourished that she ends up sleeping on a park bench for three days without realizing it until her father told her.

  • The '90s: The webcomic is set in the 90's.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield? — The town where most of the action happens is located "somewhere along the coast of central-southern Chile". Most other locations are real life cities in Chile and Japan, though.